Friday, August 18, 2017

Phil Taylor the winner this week after his match against the Son of Mullet Corey Cadby last weekend.

I love a bit of shenanigans as the commentators called it, happens down the pub, and want to see more of it on the oche, I am sick shit of the DRA cunts killing the game and making any emotion or outburst seem like they committed a murder or rape all in an effort to rob the players of earnings so the DRA can fill up their coffers. It seemed in good form at the start, Cadby even tried to explain why he was doing the shoulder motions and Taylor was not interested, and again no issue with that either, it will be an education and experience for Cadby like when Peter Manley made Fatpot Lewis his bitch and he learned to cop himself on and even when Taylor started to use Cadby's towel that Cadby was using on his face and Taylor was simulating that he was wiping his ass with the towel I still had no issue.
As said I want to see dramatics on the stage, sick of precious snowflakes and the DRA choking the shit out of the game. You see worse in a dart game down the pub.

So why you might ask has Taylor won Knob of the Week.
He won it not for his actions, but for the fact he had to resort to that level in order to try put of Cadby off. When you lose a mental battle to Corey Cadby you have reached rock bottom, and you have to stand back and think can you go any lower. Its like losing a chess match to Dave Chisnall.
TV, he refused to sign the board and made the PDC Matchplay Champion look like a complete bitch after Taylor thought he was being funny throwing the pen, checkout the short video below.

Lastly on Taylor, I did enjoy the fact the mushrooms on fanatics and forums were up in arms over Taylors antics, and could use that as the excuse they needed to slate the PDC.
Still good to know so many mushrooms were watching the PDC product so attentively, since they have given up on their own BDO.

A mention for PDC jobber Robbie Green who this week called me vermin for daring to post the screenshots of what the chubby waiter said last week.. He loves getting involved and then playing the victim, typical scouse cunt.He likes to Wade in with his fatman act when it don't concern him.
This fat gout ridden scouse lump of puss with tattoo's that look like they were done by Dave Clarke standing in a hammock using a magic marker in a blackout would rather try slate me for the screenshot rather than slate Selecta for what he said.
Then that ignorant prick is another cunt who loves to threaten people as well, thinks it makes him a tough man, instead it just shows how common he is. Cunt better be careful the DRA did not see his comments and fine him for breaching rules, as he is not in the BDO anymore and as a full member of the PDC Job Squad, he must be careful what he spouts. tThankfully for him I am not a rat bastard who would report him.
Wonder if he will call me vermin again for reporting his own words ?

He was not alone this week as other pro Selecta gimps were out in force to defend the Chubby Waiter, seems the person who threatened people, mocked cancer victims, confronted and threatened people at events is ok but those that mention his actions are "vermin".
Work that one out.
Imagine if a Tabloid newspaper got wind of the fact the Discipline Officer of the BDO and now a full board member was threatening people, mocking cancer victims etc, would Robbie Green be calling the newspaper reporters vermin ?
Would Bo Selecta's waiter be threatening to slap said reporter ?
Cos we all know in the world of the bdo mindset a slap will solve everything.They think it makes everything disappear quicker than tv rights for a bdo major.

No doubt more threats will follow this week. from Kong the Ninja and Super Waiter the Streetfighter.
My security team will have to pull double shifts.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I would like to do a Question and Answers with Tommy Thompson, so I contacted him, and in true BDO style, he never replied. Its the BDO way. you read something you dont like , you either ignore it and pretend it never happened or take to facebook issuing threats.
To be fair, Tommy is not the sort to issue threats, maybe he is still depressed after his defeat at the yearly BDO Open Zoo extravaganza., and his lapdog defecting to the darkside must have been another kick in the gonads.