Friday, August 11, 2017

When I first started Knob of the Week I recall many people telling me there would never be enough happening in darts on a weekly basis to give me enough material to keep it going. I thought otherwise, afterall with the BDO I could nearly do a daily Knob of the Week.
Almost five years later since I first started doing this it seems after the recent BDO AGM Open Zoo extravaganza I will be kept busy for another five years.

When you think of morons you have to stand back in sheer fuckin awe when it comes to the BDO, The comedy gift that keeps on giving and now promises to continue as they implode from within. Personally I find it great.
The scumbag homophobic, internet hardman who loves dishing out threats was voted on to the BDO board, in a move akin to being made supervisor of the boiler room on the Titanic.
What can possibly go wrong.
Yes the very same cunt who wrote on a forum not long back the following

So here he is now on the BDO. Then this does not surprise me, Here is a guy who threatened pensioners, told Tommy the Jew that he hoped his cancer treatment did not work, threatened a guy with learning difficulties at Lakeshite abuses people on social media, made threats they first gave him the job of Disciplinary Officer. You could not make this up.
Then he is in good company with that vile bastard Wayne williams, the old cunt who went to the home of the Darts Forum admin, but got no answer as the Admin was afraid to answer the door to a pensioner. He then traveled to the workplace of the Admin of The Stars of darts forum, and that admin, a little stunted dwarf shat his load in front of his wife at the pensioner.

What the fuck is wrong with these people, 
Here is another old facebook social media post of  the waiter.

For those wondering WCDPA is the name Houseboy...aka Deta Hedman's bitch and Tommy the Jews lapdog goes by on forums.
Yep the guy abusing people on social media is the disciplinary officer of the BDO.
Another of his posts.
I was pissing myself laughing at his acceptance speech that he put on facebook.
Kids in Ireland aged 7 would not be as illiterate this this moron

Where is Belgum ?
What is "upmost" ?
And this "Roll" he speaks of, is it a ham roll, or a breakfast roll ?
Don't get me started on the use of the word "was".

The BDO board would soon work with a scumbag like Des the Hog Humper than work with Barry Hearn, If that does not ell you everything you need to know about the BDO nothing will.
All these quotes are genuine and on forums and facebook.
Of course in typical mushroom ignorance and arrogance the so called fanatics were out in force trying to convince themselves this was "good news".
however there are those in the BDO far from happy, mostly those associated with or friendly towards the EDO.
I liked this little gem I found
Needless to say the most crying came from Tommy the Jew who managed it seems to survive the Lancashire troubles, a small victory in a week where he was reduced to rambling incoherently across social media.
His errand boy Gimpmaster General cried like a bitch again how Tommy proposals were not even listened to, and stories about how the Chubby waiter told him to shut up and sit down must have made him come close to a fuckin seizure.
Was it wrong the proposals were not listened to ? Yes, but in the end who cares ?
I certainly dont, I want them to continue to implode from within and hope all its members are at each others throats, I love it and seeing the infighting provides me with hours of laughter.
Gimpmaster General wrote this
Tommy the Jew has taken it as bad too, I believe he posted a picture of a tombstone with the BDO on it whining how the BDO is now dead as an organisation....I could have told him that back in 1993, the thick fuck.

It seems the waiter with a set of teeth that could eat an apple through a letterbox was now officially a Players director. What exactly that is unsure but it seems he will now be attending all events , no doubt paid expenses, all courtesy of the counties that he refused to listen he can try intimidate any player that might think of switching to the PDC...well not every player, the top old farts are ok to go to the Grand Slam, but the rest of the rank and file are there to be treated like dirt, and part of me thinks they deserve it for tolerating that shit.
 I saw tonight reports that Des Selecta is now handing out roles like making Jeff Smith he Canadian players rep.
How the fuck can someone in the BDO...remember the B stands for British dictate what happens outside the BDO, is that not the job of the useless WDF ?

The fun and games in store over the coming months is gonna be great, and as for those counties that are still sulking , get fucked as ye brought it on yerselves by allowing it happen, you wont get any sympathy from me.
We all know Tommy the Jew won't stay silent, his ego wont allow it, nor will his pet lodger houseboy.
Bo Selecta and her waiter are the same, they wont be able to keep their buck toothed mouths shut for long on social media and will be off spouting the sort of shit they always do, regardless if it breaks BDO social media policy, the same one he was formerly officer of.

So what happens the kangaroo court panel and that Disciplinary Officers role ?
Does the hog humper retain that role as well or will some neanderthal on day release from prison be offered that position ?

Strap yerselves in lads, this could the funniest  year in the BDO for a while.

Other mentions this week

Bob Potter, was fined 46k....hopefully it will have some impact on Lakeshite prizefund.
And lets be honest there aint many of them Lakeshite left as soon as Bob Snuffs it, there goes the venue.
The funniest part was he got 46k fine for cutting down a tree,
The poor lad that died in the lake only got him a 85k that one out.

Peter Wright for his pasting by Corey Cadby.....Corey does look a great player, even if he does act and look like something that was spawned by bdo scum of the North of England



Been reading a few forums and reports about my blog and I and how I am abusive, yet the abuse posted by Jacklin was ignored, odd that.
Strange how the chubby waiter threatens people and its ignored, the chubby waiter lies , contradicts himself and is a proven liar, and again no one seems to focus on that.
I dare anyone to prove the screenshots I posted are not true or correct. 
Then the retarded cunts of the bdo would rather shoot the messenger who posted the facts than  comment about the things Des actually said.
I love how people like Tommy the Jew, Tony Martin and others are accused of feeding me information,my only contact with Tommy ever has been on open forum , never any private conversations, messages etc, but I am sure the morons who ignored the chubby waiters scumbag behavior will conveniently  ignore this fact as well.
Tony Martin's only communication with me has been to have some posters made for him, as I am fuckin sound like that, he deserves proper posters, not those atrocious pieces of shit that litter the walls of scumbag councils of the north of England..
I do get info from within the BDO, and have done for years, but I promised not to reveal who it is.So  ye can keep guessing away.

And lastly, to all those people who claim to never read this site but always do regardless, and tell others to stay away from here which they wont do themselves, views are increasing week on week, month on month
 So to all ye bitches that claim to hate me or would sort me out, etc I just want to let ye know it is ye cretins that is making my blog so popular.
Thank you all for your obsession with me, and making this darts blog the busiest darts blog ever.

Now fuck off.


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