Friday, August 4, 2017

Step forward Krusty for your deserved Knob of the Week Award, the only thing you will win this month or any month ya choking fuck. So unanimous was his win among people who contacted me I thought it only best to post what one person sent me and is as hilarious as it is true....

Stepping out from behind the double-decker bus sized shadow of his wife to seize this week's award is the one and only Peter "snakebite " Wright.
Yes indeed folks the one man walking stag party does it again as he irons out the competition once more with his sobbing and fucking bleating on live television.
What glorious scenes indeed as everyone's least favourite painted spastic got smashed clean out his cowboy boots by a bloke that old and withered he needed a Stannah Stairlift just to get him up onto the fucking stage.
How this doss cunt managed to sire six kids without owning a pair of fucking testicles is beyond me as yet another trophy slipped through his grasp much to the disappointment of the Mendham manatee he married that rules his pitiful existence with a rod of iron.
I almost felt sorry for Joanne Wright the world class Grotbags impersonator and walking advertisement for the merits of gastric bypass surgery as she clapped her bingo wings together vainly trying to spur on her pet spastic as he was getting systematically abused from a rampant Taylor who had no intention whatsoever of pulling his shlong out of the painted care in the community project until the trophy was his for a unprecedented sixteenth time.
There's plenty of chokers in professional darts but there's only one so called man who falls at the final hurdle time and again then sobs his heart out like he's just heard the prostate transplant he received from Martin Adams was successful.
Utter cunt and deserved winner.

Lets not forget were it not for the flid James Wilson who could not beat Krusty in the earlier rounds with Krusty chucking an average in the 80s , we would have been spared the consolation speech we were then subjected to.
The last time I heard a speech as sad and as pathetic as his was the day in Las Vegas over 10 years when the Sweaty hypoglycemic postman Barney ended his career as a serious contender for major ranking tv titles.
Barney has not won a major ranking tv title in over 10 years, and suspect Wright will never win any , as his UK Open title  was won in a depleted field and he can spin it anyway he likes but until he wins a major ranking tv title in a full field , his trophy cabinet will be as bare as Dave Chisnalls.

Other notable mentions this week.

Stephen bunting - I am giggling like a lunatic as I type this. It is still hilarious thinking back to all the retarded simpletons who tried to convince others that this scouse loving cunt was a top player just cos he won a tin pot mickey mouse cup in Bob Potters run down hotel.
Bunting who did not last long in the Matchplay, thankfully for us and his dad in the carpark, tonight went even better.
In the qualifiers for the Euro tours #10 & 11 he lost in the first to Robert Owen, and got destroyed 6-0 in the second to Andy Hamilton..
Only 2 years ago people were trying to convince me Bunting was a top player, bunting is not even in the league of Darren Webster for fucks sake.
One simpleton on a forum said after Bunting switch to the PDC 3 years ago that there was only 2 players in the World better than bunting, the saddest part is some people actually believed him.
Thats akin to saying the winner of the 100 meters in the retard olympics could switch to the real olympics and make an impact.

James Wade- Lost tonite in the qualifier. The fact that he is reduced to even having to qualify with the jobbers shows how far he has fallen. He could be out of the worlds Top Ten by tommor evening dependent on results in the Players championships.
Tonight he lost to Andy Boulton, and 6-2 at that, its not like it was even fucking close..

The BDO - Their AGM is on this sunday, and its promises to be like Britain's largest open zoo.
Bo Selecta, the gay waiter, Vic the racist, Tommy the jew and his lapdog houseboy, Sue the Gash and her Cuckold husband Wayne will all be there.
The potbellied, the freaks, big worm the pimp, steve egarton the poster child for malnutrition, dwarfs, geriatrics, cripples and dykes....PT Barnum would have nothing on these cunts.

I could devote pages to the flaws for these cretins plans for the future but the reality is I simply cannot be arsed , so gonna make it short.

Tommy the Jew wrote
"The Players” who I might add have no compunction about leaving the BDO when it suits them, I mean the likes of Dave Chisnall, Stephen Bunting, Christian Kist, Alan Norris, Stuart Kellett, Mark Webster, Simon Whitlock, Ray Barneveld and especially Mervyn King who always said he was BDO through and through, all these players and many more, who did the tour, have no loyalty to the BDO"

This sums up the level of mentality among these fucking fools.
This loyalty shit that is dragged out, even today the ponytailed spaz cannot get over Merv King leaving, how tragically sad is that.
They claim Darts is a sport , well if that is true then loyalty means fuckall.
Would a kid at a lower league football club turn down tens of thousands  a week to play for one of the bigger football clubs  ? Of course not, true sports people want to play the best, at the highest level, or at the very least make a few pound out of it, fuck loyalty in sport.

Tommy never asks why they left, just slates those because they left.
To give you an idea of how fucked up things are in the BDO. Warty the scottish poisonous Dwarf for example is in line for a spot in the Grand Slam of Darts.
Now should he decide to dump his so called principles, just like prostate hole Martin Adams sold his principles for the PDC coin, Warty could turn up at the Grand Slam, lose every single game, not win a single leg and still earn his 3rd highest pay day of his entire miserable career.

What does that tell you about the state of the competitions and prize money in the bdo, and  Tommy the Jew thinks people should not leave because of loyalty.

What a stupid bastard. in an organisation packed with stupid bastards.
The BDO are dead, cooked, goosed, done and dusted as far as tv events and their hilariously entitled "majors"
The only majors in the bdo are the major fuck ups.
Let them stick to pulling tickets out of raffle drums for pork steaks, catering to pub players over the age of 50, and living in cloud cuckoo land.
They are done but to stupid to even realize it.


Seems people in Lancashire darts are sick of Tommy Thompson and want his resignation .

Was sent this a few moments ago, I wont reveal who by,

Watching the bdo fight with the edo and county darts fight among themselves is like watching down syndrome kids fighting.Its tragically sad, but you cannot help watching  and laughing whilst telling yourself this is so wrong on so many levels
Dont matter who wins either, as they are all retarded.