Friday, July 28, 2017

The baldy hunchbacked cunt that loves to fuck whores in bradford and try get away without paying left it late this week but boy was it worth it.
Not only did he get taught a lesson by the greatest player ever in Phillip Douglas Taylor, he cried like a bitch and refused to do an interview.

For the last 2 years I have got sick of sheep new to darts rimming the obese hole of that Hunchback dutch cunt and claiming he is the greatest ever.
He is not , and will never be. He has not even reached the level of the mighty Eric Bristow let alone the 16 time World Champion Phil Taylor.
In years to come people will look back and see the achievements of the flid from the land of kyke killers, tulips and dykes and wonder how he fared against the greatest ever in Taylor.
The history books will show not only did Taylor beat MVG who was in his prime in multiple big matches, an almost 60 year old Taylor far far from his best and in the middle of retiring not only beat MVG in his prime, but he battered him, and battered him mentally too.

Lets also remember some of Taylors greatest victories over the futch cunt.
The 2013 PDC World championships Final. Taylor beat MVG comprehensively
The 2014 PDC Matchplay Final where Taylor battered the dutch cunt and made him cry like a bitch
The 2016 PDC CLoD where Taylor won the inaugural event  bashing MVG twice in 2 days
and last night where he made him cry like a bitch again

So the next time you hear people acting like crosseyed halfwits saying MVG is the greatest, just remember the true greatest who is far from his best is still better than MVG.

The vile scut from Holland is an arrogant obnoxious prick who thought he was unbeatable, signing autographs in the middle of a game, texting his best friend the elongated dutch Mervyn King during the MVG- Whitlock matches and being a general prick.

Tonight was just magnificent. Not only battered, but to be made cry yet again, by a man far from his prime. He refused to do an interview, and Taylors comments were gold, and how he asked the crowd about Mardle spouting rubbish. Back in the studio you could see the former fat dancing spastic was utterly seething. Taylor then laid into MVG.

I always wanted Taylor to go out with one last hurrah and thought it would not happen, and regardless of whether he wins the Matchplay or not , that was one magnificent moment in the game as he winds down his career as the Greatest of All Time.
Also remember that is the 5th time in 7 matches on tv that Taylor has beaten the Hunchback, and should have been 6 had he not blown the recent one in the world Series in China.

Check out this video when Taylor speaks about Hunchback crying, discusses how MVG struggled to knock up his wife  and other stuff.

The Matchplay has been overall another great event and you could argue the number of seeds that fell made it great or bad depending on who you support.
But that does not mean MVG was the only Knob this a few more mentions.
or be left anywhere near a TV event ever again, he is beyond shit. He could not even beat an atrocious Krusty who  had one of the lowest averages of the entire comp and still won.

James Wade  & Gary Anderson - Wade for thinking his name is enough for him to win early rounds.After missing 6 match darts in Las Vegas last week he missed match darts again this comp to beat Darren Webster ffs., and his excuse was the same as Anderson- they were tired.
Ando made an ever bigger song and dance about it.
The jockanese haggis munching cunt cried how he only got home on the Monday and had only 4 days off before he had to play a game of Darts.
No one was asking the cunt to jog from his home in Somerset to Blackpool and swim 10 miles in the ocean, before bench pressing weights on the blackpool stage for 9 hours... he had four fucking days to get ready for a darts match.
And when he won he had another 3 days off before his next game, and the cunt acted like we were suppose to feel sympathy for the cunt who had to travel the world playing a game he is making a fortune from.

Barney- The scooty eyed human food mixer  Dave Clarke almost spent the evening prior to the Taylot Barney game jizzing himself over this useless dutch postman, telling us about the rivalary.
What fucking rivalry, that ended over ten years ago. Barney has not wont a major tv ranking  competition in over 10 years. He was a disgrace yet again.
Still it was nice seeing Taylor rape another Dutch cunt.

Wayne Mardle - Has surpassed even John Gwynne and Stuart Pyke as the worst cunt even on comms in the PDC. Was lovely to see the cunts expression tonight like he was gonna cry when Taylor gave him some grief.
The last time I saw that look on Mardle ugly face was when he made a spastic of himself on dutch tv a good few years back , and always worth a watch, so here it is again for all those that missed it.

Dave Chisnall - I like the lad, but fucks sake he will never win anything of note ever, a Grade A choker.

Sadly it is now looking like Krusty the Clown is the clear favorite for the Matchplay now.
That wont sit well back stage with a lot of players as I have reliably told his wife Jo has alienated so many people and her treatment of Rachel Anderson a few months back was the final straw and why Ando was not worried about losing in the world Cup as she is a poisonous bitch.
Then birds of a feather and all that, still maybe if Krusty wins and picks up a nice 6 figure winners cheque he can look after his 3 , not the 3 he has with fat Jo, but the other 3 he has outside that marriage that he has neglected and pretend do not exist.

Anyone interested in discussing Darts should join up here
The Darts Forum
and the admin on there are not wimpy pricks who shit themselves when confronted by the bdo board member and cuckolded pensioner Wayne Williams.
One admin of a darts forum -a dwarf shat his load in front of his wife
The other forums admin was to afraid to even answer his door.

I am off to now rewatch the Taylor-v- Hunchback match again