Friday, July 21, 2017

Who else could be more deserving the BDO this week.
It is almost impossible to pinpoint any one member in particular, Popcorn Teeth sue the Gash and her cunt of a husband who looks like a corpse that spent 3 minutes in a microwave , the rest of the BDO board like the racist Vic Sexton or the chubby gay waiter from Lincoln and his disciplinary committee.
So this week the award goes to the entire BDO, the board, the counties, the players, the so called fans and every single braindead retarded cunt and heifer munter,  in it and connected to it.

Recently the BDO allowed the chubby gay wildlife humping waiter  to have his little kangaroo court and bring before the BDO disciplinary committee a person NOT even in the fucking BDO.
The non BDO member was accused of betraying the BDO ( which he was not part of) and a hearing was set for him which he decided not to attend, all played out on social media.
In the end the BDO disciplinary committee  consisting of 3  retarded people, and of which 2 were "anonymous" and did not even have the balls or backbone to stand behind what they were doing, found the non BDO member was guilty of posting a business sensitive email which broke the rules of the BDO of which he was not a member.

His punishment was a suspended sentence as they even admitted they had no way of fining him otherwise.
Seriously, how fucking retarded are these people, bringing a person in front of the BDO committee who is not a BDO member.
Who will it be next week ? Me ?
I can picture it now, a one million pound fine and a letter of apology to the heifers of the BDO or I wont be allowed enter the qualifiers for the Bob Potter Urine Invitational.

Here is what the disciplinary committee released - click for full size

I am still laughing like the cunt I am at the recent viewing figures released for that joke of a comp, the Catas Trophy aired on front runner.
The only day that got a single  viewer was the final on the Sunday and it got a global audience of 5000 views....five thousand.
It barely made the top ten for that weekend on that channel.
Repeats of the Indoor League made decades ago got more viewers than the bdo....the real kicker was the pub arm wrestling was the highest viewed programme on the channel

7 day data (000s) 28 day data (000s)
1 ARM WARS (SUN 1900) 7
2 BIKE WORLD (MON 2100) 6
3 WORLD POKER TOUR (12) (THU 1930) 6
5 MOBIL 1 THE GRID (MON 2030) 6
6 WORLD POKER TOUR (12) (MON 1930) 6
7 WORLD POKER TOUR (12) (THU 2900) 6
9 WORLD POKER TOUR (10) (MON 1200) 5
You should see some of the bdo fans trying to make excuses for the bdo and the atrocious figures on the forums, its fucking priceless and makes the hilarious figures even funnier.
The are 2 groups on facebook calkling themselves "fanatics" and must number in their thousands.
They are quick to defend the BDO, make excuses for it, and act like they are being personally attacked, yet these same so called fanatics do not attend bdo events, its quite evident they do not watch it on tv either, so essentially these cunts and liars  falsely claiming to be fanatics are the ones responsible for the dire hole the BDO are in and deserve to be in.My hope os after Lakeshite 2018, channel 4 tell them fuck off as well.
Who knows maybe Bob Potter might tell them to fuck off also if he is still alive, and lets be honest he wont be around forever, and when he draws his terminal breath there is no way his wife and family are going keep hosting the bdo yearly piss up in surrey.
Its going to be great watching it all collapse. I cannot wait, and already looking forward to the scum fans getting upset and issuing threats about how they would sort me out like that would solve the problem.

 On to the PDC

By the end of this year we will have had the following comps in the PDC in 2017.
World Championships
The World Cup
The Unibet Masters
6 UK Qualifiers plus the UK Open itself
22 Floor championships
12 European tour events
20 Challenge tours
20 Development tours
7 World Series events
The World Matchplay
The Grand Prix
The Champions league of Darts
The Grand Slam of Darts
The Players Championships finals
The European championships
and then there is the Premier league which makes it 98 comps and that is counting the 16 nights of televised darts in the PL as one single comp, and thats not counting World championships qualifiers, and other regional events like the USA Championships, Nordic tour , Australia etc....

With the exception of 2 Events, which unsurprisingly are my 2 favorite events in the PDC calendar, The World championships and the Grand Prix,  every single event is legplay. It is beyond a joke, I can accept leg play is the most natural form and easy for things like TV, but having  96 comps out of 98 as leg play is taking the fucking piss.
Hence why the Matchplay which is usually a good comp is vastly over rated, as to me its just a glorified Euro Tour dragged out over a week instead of a weekend. Yes it ticks the boxes for a major but personally for me it is not as some would have you believe the second biggest comp after the World champs.
In a year or two when Uncle Barry wakes the fuck up and stops giving charity to the bdo scum  who come begging cap in hand every year for the PDC coin before being battered by the PDC players and sent on their way, The Grand Slam of Darts , along with the current Grand Prix are all events that now outshine the Matchplay.
I guess a lot of the love for the Matchplay was not helped by Taylor ranting on endlessly how it was his favorite comp.....well next year the groping prick can watch in peace at home on his own since he wont be in it.

As for some predictions, Wade who lived on his reputation for years is cooked, was going to say the lazy fatpot was too but he has the ability to string a few ton plus averages over the longer distance together if unlikely, it has been years since wade did that and think his time in the elite is long gone.
Taylor will be out the gap, and the sweaty hypoglycemic postman wont be far behind.
The young players are coming through and the lazy cunts like Barney, Taylor, Wade , Lewis etc who have been skipping events will pay the price for their laziness.