Friday, July 14, 2017

This weeks award goes to that vastly over rated scouse loving lump of protoplasm Stephen Bunting.
Here is a guy that mushrooms were falling over themselves to claim would be a huge star in the PDC cos he dominated the shit bdo and won Bob Potters January Jobber Jamboree at Piss Central in Surrey.
Some retarded cunts even went to claim he was the third best player in the world, and that in 2 years after the switch he would be a TV tournament winner. I said at the time when he starts to defend money against players who wont be rolling over and dying against his 90 averages, but faces players who actually are better than him the heap of mucus would end up another midcard switcher.

Now three and a half years later he lies in 22nd place in the main Order of Merit and is dropping.
One simpleton who claimed he was a top player also claimed after Cullen mocked the bdo in a euro tour a couple of years ago that Cullen was a one match wonder, yes, the same Cullen now ranked higher than Bunting.

In the pro tour Order of Merit  he lies 4 places behind Rob Cross who has earned more in the last 6 months than bunting did in his first year.
One retarded simpleton claimed a few years ago that in 2 years time we will see where Bunting is and where Ian White will be cos Bunting was a class above Ian White.
And here we are today, with White 9 places above Bunting in the pro tour OoM, and ten places above Bunting in the main OoM with over 100,000 pounds more earned.

Last Friday in the Euro tour qualifiers he was the number one seed of all the jobbers vying for a place in the European tour and lost to Ted Evetts....Ted fucking Evetts.
The following day he took part in Players championships 15.....a field that had no Taylor, MVG, Barney, Ando, Wade, Lewis, Chizzy, Wright or Price
He lost in the last 64 to Joe Murnan
The following day lost in the last 32.
He spent the week crying how he might pack up the game, thinking people would beg him to continue, fact is no one would miss him, in fact I would not be surprised if most people wanted the sobbing fuck to piss off for good.
He said he might take a job.....and lets face it a liverpool supporter with a job is as rare  as a 100 average at Lakeshite.

Notable mentions for the following

Max Flop : The hugely over rated German jobber, who was only selected for the Vegas comp because he was German. This choking shit obly reaches the Euro tour because they are held mostly in Germany, if he has to qualify in the UK qualifiers he would not make it into one event.
He was not unlucky tonight in Vegas, he deserved to lose, and at one stage had 120 left  for the leg, hit treble 20, then had a bounceout and then hit treble twenty again to bust his score, and then lost the leg.

James Wade for yet another pathetic showing in the Las Vegas jaunt, although unlike Max Flop he had 6 darts to win the match and threw the game away, it still makes him a Knob.

And the EDO..........for weeks Tommy the Jew's personal lapdog spouted on forums how Front Runner TV were happy with the viewing figures for the EDO darts.
Also made the claim that sponsors paid for events to be shown.
When Front Runner went off freeview and admitted viewing figures were atrocious the claims that Front Runner were not paid to show darts emerged.
It got so bad that anyone daring to even ask questions were subjected to abuse.

Adrian Battersby....remember him ? The guy begging for money for another event so it could be shown on Front runner, when he was asked what he needed the money was for by a guy on Facebook called Lancelot, his response was hilarious.
Checkout this level of retardation

Adrian Battersby ‬
‪Easy when you think you are hidden isn't it - Not so hidden though when you ask facebook through their reporting system for racial abuse... Good job your a successful businessman as you might need that money later and then the disciplinary meeting will be fun‬

Lancelot Darts ‬
‪Well then Battersby, if Frontrunner don't charge a fee to show darts why did you beg for donations on the internet?‬

‪Adrian Battersby ‬
‪you truly are a dope but we all know that now - I'm just filling in the online form to get your IP details from facebook and will pass this onto Tommy - will be a nice pay day for anti-Semitic comments and plenty of solicitors will take that on a no win no fee Tommy Thompson‬

Lancelot Darts ‬
‪Antic semetic comment LOL where? This is hilarious PMSL‬

Battersby not only thinks the guy Lancelot is me,  but he thinks facebook is gonna handover his IP address to him.
I might not have a facebook account but even I know facebook will send him packing.
As for anti-semitic comments, that guy Lancelot never made said comments, I did  and calling a Jewish person a Jew in not anti semitic , any more than calling me Justin the Catholic, although all religion is bullshit, its just Santa Claus for adults.
Unless of course Tommy is not a Jew which begs the question why he wears that gold star of david constantly.
Who knows, maybe someday I might even do a question and answers session with TT if he feels up to it, like I did with Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant a couple of years ago before he went off crying when he got his feelings hurt.
As for a disciplinary hearing, that is just priceless, do these cretins think they are some special branch of the police force where they just round up people for some kangaroo court and dish out fines that people in England will pay, let alone a mick cunt like me.
These people truly are the comedy gift that keeps on giving.