Friday, July 7, 2017


Normally Tommy the Jew as leader of the EDO might get the weekly award, however this week Tommy the Jew cannot take all the responsibility for the abysmal business decisions made by the EDO, he had to have backing of racist Vic Sexton and others.

In the aftermath of the EDO paying thousands to have the shit they call Darts shown on the shit TV channel Front Runner, said TV channel released a statement in relation to them no longer being on freeview.
So this could explain why the viewing figures for the shit EDO and BDO darts were never released, yet viewing figures on the weeks no darts were on were released.
This cannot be a coincidence when Front Runner have now openly admitted how shit viewing figures were.
It now seems likely that not a single household in the entire UK ( in conjunction with barb) watched the shit darts.
This now begs the question,...Tommy the Jews lackey and Deta Hedman's overweight pet gimp on more than one occasion took to dart forums and declared "Front Runner were delighted with the viewing figures for the EDO darts".
That has now been proven to be yet another lie. Lets not forget the line "sponsors paid for the TV coverage". Who are those sponsors ?
When the simpleton making the claims that sponsors paid for the coverage was asked who said sponsors were, he refused to answer.
Tommy the Jew must lie awake at night thinking of all the money wasted, all those thousands of pounds gone forever, like an Irene Mungins slot machine flashback.

So what next. Front Runner are now no longer free, and if people wont watch their shit programs for free they most certainly aint gonna pay for it.
Any guy that has sky is not gonna bother with that channel when they have the proper sports channels.
The fact frontrunner think they might increase viewers not they are no longer free, and buried away on some high number channel is almost bdo type of delusion.

The funniest part are the simpletons coming out of the woodwork making claims that bdo and edo shit darts was worth watching.
One such muppet was jockanese mental defect and pub player Alan Souter, who took time off from licking windows to post on social media.
Alright Front Runner, has the BDO darts been good viewing figures? British Internationals, 6 Nations are all great events. BDO Darts is still a massive pull with loads of players and spectators? Interested to hear your side?

I would like to think he is on heroin, and thats the reason he made such a retarded statement, and being a porridge swigging jock, its not uncommon for them. to abuse said substances.
The EDO had 280 people watching live darts on youtube, and even less on that shit channel, out of a planet of over seven fucking billion.

I saw another travelers horse race recently ,on a country road nearby, where the horses pull sulkies. It not only had more people watching live on the roadside, in fact it had more that the youtube audience the EDO got, and the money at stake was more than on offer at a bdo event on frontrunner.
Maybe Frontunner should have shown that....would have got more viewers, and the travelers were better class of people than the bdo and edo scum supporters also.

Now for a few other mentions this week.

Phil Taylor- I know there is no shame in losing to MVG normally but the cunt was 5-0 up, and even today it is still evident to anyone watching the dutch quasimodo is still afraid of Taylor at the start of matches, how many times has taylor took big leads over the wife cheating hunchback to only fuck it away in last leg deciders.
In the last leg hit a score of 41 to leave 165, the sort of mistake Taylor should not be making.

Dave Dismall - If ever there was an example of why the simple fucker will never win a tv comp that was it. Got on stage and shat his load from the start and ended with an 83 average. He even makes Krusty who I thought was a choking cunt look like a superstar.

Stephen Bunting - Yep, the fat cunt who dominated the bdo and had mushrooms falling over themselves to claim how great he was and would be in the PDC. I said it before and will say it again, another midcarder at best in the PDC. Just because he won some 2 bit mickey mouse heap of shit at Potter's run down palace of piss he must therefore be a good player.
Tonight he lost yet again in the qualifiers to Ted Evetts.
At least we wont have to put up with his scouse shit at that Euro event.

Robbie  Green- He to lost out tonight in the qualifiers, and another scouse supporter we wont have to tolerate in said Euro tour. No one turns on darts from Europe to hear scousers play the victim, and if I had my way scousers would be banned from Europe for life with their track record in it.

I remember that depressing dutch cunt Vincent van der Voort recently saying in a Euro tour interview he was going to be careful what he says as the DRA fine everyone for the most minor thing, yet controversial topics like Hillsborough where scouse supporters are allowed spew inflammatory  comments are allowed....scousers should be banned from spewing their political agenda and lies and stick to darts.