Friday, June 30, 2017

This fat farmer , self groping barrel of human shit and Walter Mitty style king of delusion wins the award this week.
Here is a total jobber who in the most depleted fields ever in the bdo won a single Bob Potter Mickey mouse Piss Cup and suddenly thought he was a delebrity or a star.
His continual need for acknowledgement like that of the most desperate attention whore is sickening.
He rants on about the honour of playing for England, how great that spineless prostate infected bearded sack of shit Adams was winning his 100th cap., how International darts is the pinnacle.
Oddly he never mentioned how spineless stuck up 2 fingers to the England team in the past whewn it suited him.
He never mentioned his unhappiness or spoke out to condemn his EDO selectors for not giving him the chance to represent England in the upcoming WDF World Cup ?
Surely as England captain , you would want to play in the World Cup if he really thinks International darts is that important. He spends every day on twitter mouthing off, so why has he not mentioned the failure of the EDO to send a team to Japan.
This week The Bournemouth Echo printed Mitchell's comments saying

"Winning for your country is up with winning the World Championship, without a doubt – no matter what the tournament is"
This shows not only what a hypocrite and 2 faced fat fuck he is but the attention he needs, you can read the rest of this nauseating HERE

Then the fat farmer , chicken raping mountain of faeces went one step better when he claimed on twitter that County Darts should be on TV....yes county darts.
The bdo and EDO cannot sell tickets to what they laughingly call "Majors" and they think County shit will be a step forward.
Tommy the Jew of the EDO and his lackey Houseboy also tried to hoodwink people thinking oit would be a good idea.All the criminals, simpletons and benefit fraudsters were out in force then in agreement, including Chris Mason who spouted his belief it would be a good idea.

The funniest part of it all was Houseboy who took time off from picking the shit out of Deta's knickers everytime she reached a final to replay to the fat farmer.

It would be fuckin impossible for any event to get Less support than the recent World Catas Trophy.
This site gets more viewers in a day that what the Catas Trophy got.
If they think 280 people watching the "bdo major" on youtube was bad, can you imagine how little they would care about county shit.

These collection of morons, cuckolds, wife beaters, criminals, scumbags, and mentally ill people running and supporting this shit is the reason why us normal people spend our time laughing at them..

Other mentions this week.

Justin Pipe, who lost yet again to James Wade.
The same James Wade who is in the biggest slump of his entire career and Pipe could only win one leg.In fact the cunt with the face that looks like it is punctured aint beat Wade in 4 years.

Robbie Green. For his pathetic hillsborough rambling in the interview after his match against Martin Schindler. No one gives a fuck about 96 dead scouse cunts who were killed by their own supporters who turned up without tickets..
Green over coming Schindler was not a surprise though, as Liverpool fans are famous for knocking down "the Wall" on their trips to European cities. Ask the innocent Juventus fans that the scouse scum murdered.
No one wants to see fat scousers and the Hillsborough victim mentality speeches when they tune into darts.. Plenty people in the PDC got fines of the DRA for less controversial comments....then if he got another fine, it would give him more excuse to play the victim card again.

Lastly being such a quiet week I decided to add some pics.
These are my pics from a thread on The Darts Forum ( the busiest darts forum on the net) about BDO Movie quotes.
To see lots more other pics by members visit the thread BDO MOVIE QUOTES

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