Friday, June 23, 2017

The obvious winner this week is the 6 Nations International shit.
Years we have heard the sad and pathetic claims by retarded mushrooms how International Darts is the pinnacle of Darts.

If this was true, can some one contact me and explain if this is true, how come the EDO, SDO etc are not sending any International team to the WDF world Cup.
When those people decided to not send teams to the World Cup, despite having FOUR FUCKIN YEARS to prepare and get ready, it was deemed not that important,....and now we are being told how great International darts is now again is cos of this useless shit from some muck savages shithole in coal scavenger land is on television.

Lets remember the TV station Frontrunner is not only the worst sports channel I have ever heard about, I now have even less chance of seeing it now this weekend its no longer on freeview.
If I am not interested it getting SKY for all their sports channels, the 2 eurosports, , premier sports, racing channel and other better sports channel, why the fuck would I want frontrunner ?

You have these dart orgs paying a tv station to show shit not fit for tv, and the TV station then not only getting paid to show it, they want people paying to be able to watch that shit.
You seriously could not make this up.
Why is this shit on front runner ? This  horseshit should be nowhere near tv.

One munter today took 42 darts to win a leg.
Another optical nightmare had a match average of put that in prospective Vincent van der Voort in his match today in the PDC has an average where his single dart average was higher than the munters 3 dart average.

Here are the scores in one leg by a useless scottish bitch that should never be on tv again.

That is the sort of shit that does damage to the game. There is zero positives from this shit being shown. None.
Thankfully only 280 people of the planets 7 plus billion people decided to tune in on youtube so there was some damage limitation.
As I type this, the few people in attendance too fat and lazy to get up and leave  are probably hanging around for the "disco" where some benefit fraud cunt plays music he ripped off with no royalty fees gets paid gets a few quid cash in hand, and the usual piss up, the real reason for all these events can begin in earnest.
Meanwhile on the other side of the divide, a PDC event is taking place in front of a sold out arena where first prize in the Euro comp is twice that of the wimau Masters, more than 3 times that of the Catas Trophy, another so called bdo major.

Here is the kicker, the prize money for this International shit in Taffyland is going to charity.
Mushrooms have said thats because the prize money does not matter as its all about the honour of representing your country....yep.....the same people who defended the EDO , SDO etc for not sending teams to the World Cup as that did not matter.
Work that one out.

A couple of other mentions.
Justin Pipe for being 5-3 up today and losing, which was beautiful
James Wade and Fatpot,and the Hypoglycemic headshaking sweaty postman for being the lazy bastards they are, and are giving two fingers to the fans who attend Euro Events,
Still waiting to hear what the "punishment" is for Wayne Dobinson or whatever his name is from the disciplinary hearing  in their kangaroo court.
Paul Nicholson deserves a mention. He is fast approaching the most retarded cunt on comms., he has even dropped below that annoying cunt Chris Murphy, the man with an yorkshire accent  that irritates the living shit out me...even more than Mardle.

Today Nicholson compared the Cyclops Andy Jenkins to Connor McGregor.
Difference is McGregor actually won fights, like Mick McGowan, a man that battered Andy Jenkins around a car park a few years back.
Nicholson said Tony Newell was like a right handed Phil Taylor.....faster Nicholson goes back to kissing the holes of bdo jobbers on you tube the better or stick to watching his gay wrestling, the retard cunt.