Friday, September 15, 2017

On the eve of the PDC being on BBC yet again, the BDO must think where did it all go wrong.

A quarter of a century ago the players could see Olly Croft was stuck in the past, but for all his flaws, and there were many, he at least had BBC for his Lakeshite comp, and he even managed to get most of the Winmau Masters on tv from recollection.

When that bearded prick stabbed only in the back the excuse and reasons given at the time was that "change was needed", and it changed alright under the bearded cunt, it got even worse, and has managed to go backwards ever since.
Under the "leadership" of the Williams  they are now in a worse position than they were at the time of the split. If Barry Hearn wanted to fuck up the BDO he could not have done the job Sue did for him.
Barry Hearn who once made a 2million quid offer  for the BDO a few years ago must laugh every day at both his moment of madness and how things worked out.

Surely this dozy wench must realize she simply is not fit for the job, never was.
Gone are the days of live BBC coverage where most of their TV is now a stream on winmau's website, and with their deal with Channel 4 coming to an end after Lakeshite I look forward to their announcements of announcements, promises of a "new era", and a "bright future"
The mushrooms will of course lap that shit up as usual and mouth off how things are gonna change, but the same mushrooms are the ones complaining about the hike in ticket prices, wont attend events and barely watch the bdo shit on youtube as it is.

Its so bad now they are no longer trying to stir shit with the PDC they are busy fighting among themselves. They wont promote EDO on the BDO website out of sheet pettiness and do what they can to scupper their events.
A load more were whinging over Trina Gulliver leaving her county team to go to Lincolnshire.
I am no fan of Trina, but if its true her relationship broke down you can hardly blame her for wanting to make a new start with a new team, even if it is that shower of shitbags Lincoln.
Morons on bdo fanatics crying about her Loyalty, its county darts ffs, no one only the simpletons who play it and their partners give a shit about it, its not 1977, its 2017.

County darts is up there with brass darts and raffle tickets  as a reminder of how pathetic the bdo is.

I also see that Sharon Prins, a seed for the winmau Masters has pulled out and will be playing in the World Cup.
I always see the retarded mushrooms harp on about how the Masters in the oldest "major", and the second most important event in the BDO.
Yet the same people spout international darts is the pinnacle of the game. So  Prins would rather play in the WDF World Cup than play in a so called bdo "major", and that is a seed that put country before the masters. So if she is right and International darts is that important, then it means the failure of the EDO to send a team to Kobe for the World Cup is even more embarrassing.
Then the EDO had only four fucking years to get ready for it.

After what will be a successful weekend for the PDC on BBC you can almost guarantee the BDO in their seething will make some announcement of announcement in the coming week or so to try and seem relevant.
Already this week I have read comments by dozens of simple bdo fans who cited the Champions League of Darts is only an exbo, a non ranking comp, etc.
 It is, and what does that tell you ?

That the BBC would rather show a non ranking exbo than ever show that bdo shit again.
Let the weekend of seething commence.