Friday, June 2, 2017

How the fuck do I sum up the Vanity project that was the Catas Trophy ?
Where do I even begin ?
So I wont ...

I wont speak about how from day one the audio and picture were out of sync.
I wont mention the appalling averages
I wont speak about the crowd that only reached double figures when players and officials joined them
I wont mention how the graphics made numerous mistakes like Brain Dawson and Glenn Durrant.
I wont mention how one match on the weekend just ended on tv without any warning and went straight to another program.
Nor will I mention how another day finished early and the viewers were treated to a blank screen for 45 minutes.
I wont mention how the reduced prizefund was carefully avoided being mentioned.
I wont mention the power cut
And I wont speak about the final shown live on frontrunner....oh wasn't, even though they paid for it.
Still the BDO broke the contract so cannot blame frontrunner for fucking them off.
I wont mention Adrian Battersby who laid into the bdo this week and specifically the board and the Williams.
So yes all the blame lies with the BDO Board and its chairperson.
Take a bow Popcorn Teeth, you have really outdone yourself

Now on to individual mentions.

Melted Plastic Bag Face : I have always said said Phantom of the Opera Durrant can paste the snot out of pub players and simpletons who roll over against him but the first time anything comes back at him he will sink quicker than a mushrooms heart every time a PDC player hits a nine darter. His collapse from 4-0 up against Medallion boy was a classic example of fireball face shitting his load as he lost 7 legs on the trot. Another badly over rated pub player in a dismal organisation.
Remember this tweet of his a few weeks ago....hahaha

The Bull Dyke : Munters darts is shit but when the laughingly called Golden girl threw this weekend it was hilariously bad.
At one point going for a single 20 she hit treble 12, and another throw she needed 70 with 3 darts, threw for treble 10 and hit treble 13...TWO SEGMENTS AWAY, that left 31. She themn asked what she had left and was told and still managed to get the count wrong by hitting single 1 to go double 16.

Warty : His 78 average in the quarter final could not cut it, maybe if he could have reached the magical 83 barrier he might had made the semi finals which one semi finalist managed. The most over rated player in darts, even more over rated than the Birmingham mongo or Fireball features.

John Gwynne : This fucking maggot would make your ears bleed with his constant mention of counties, his love of Yorkshire, retarded stories of insignificant incidents in the 1970s, what people no one ever heard of said to him when he was younger and other nonsensical bullshit.
Him comparing Phantom of the Opera to Taylor was one of his worst moments. I laughed at one moment when a jobber who had left himself a non finish of 166 approached the oche and Gwynne asked would we see a 180.

Little Richard : He took to facebook to try defend the Catas trophy. Ran his mouth about the so called pro's and cons of the Catas Trophy, When asked to list these so called "pro's"  he failed to do so. He even called the officials paid to hang a few dartboards as "heroes". I think he needs to learn what an real hero is.
The winner Machin got less money this year than he did last year for finishing runner up  such was the drop in prize money.
I bet little Richard and the "hero" officials did not take a pay cut of over 50% like the players.
When he was asked if his money was cut  he logged out of the forum and deleted his post on facebook. He might think before running his mouth in future. Part of me feels sorry for him in that if he speaks out how he feels there will be scumbags ready to rip in to him about loyalty and family, or worse case a gay waiter might threaten slaps, or even affect his bookings which is his livelihood so can partly understand his position where he felt the need to defend the comp most likely said what he did out of his love for the game and frustration.. Guess even after quarter of a century there are some in the BDO who still see people who play both codes, be it officials, players or whatever as traitors.
Must be awful to be in the bdo and afraid to say anything or openly discuss issues for fear of retaliation or how it might affect you.Even worse when one has to feel they must delete posts in case it affects their livelihoods.Shame as the guy comes across as a decent lad.

Deta Hedman's houseboy : The biggest prostitute on facebook who spends his day whoring himself out on facebook and hand washing detas shitty knickers after every "tv event" tried to berate the PDC World Cup as if somehow meant the bdo and edo shit is somehow less bad.
The EDO official mocking the PDC World Cup was amusing seeing as the EDO wont even send their own team to their world Cup in Japan, the hypocrisy lost on the dozy cunt.
With some more meaningless internationals coming up for the EDO expect more whoring from deta;s bitch and you might find him in a town near your checking televisions outside shops selling TVs getting them to tune in to frontrunner to help viewing figures,,,,,providing they dont cut them off for dog racing and rallysport.

Team Scotland : Krusty and Ando  for the pathetic showing in the PDC World Cup. It seems quite clear there is little love lost between the 2 players, then Krusty only does what he is told by that fat thing he is condemned to, I watched the PDC Gibraltar TV show that was aired on Sky this week and in one part they interviewed Krusty in his hotel room, and a few times when the interviewer asked Krusty a question he could not even answer them as his mouthy cunt wife decided she would answer for him. He was like her bitch, like houseboy, he needs to grow a set of balls and should have fucked the elephant out the window and off the balcony. It was her mouthy gob that instigated the initial problems between him and Ando, you can bet had thornton been paired with Ando things would have been different. Was funny them going out seeing the Scottish making excuses, sadly it only means there is less chance of anyone stopping the Dutch cunts.

Simon Shitlock : Seems he hurt his wrist when he fell in the shower, the PDC would have us believe anything, no fucking way that filthy fucker was having a shower. Corrine Hammond was staying with him last week , reckon the pissed up jack Daniels swigging cunt tried to finger Corrine and she crossed her legs..

John Norman : The mentally retarded cunt playing alongside Part for Canada. Cunt even celebrated scoring 9 with one dart. Then celebrated in the face of the Hungary player who was due to throw next. If he tried that shit in my local he would have got a Cork uppercut. sadly we get to see the cunt again tomorrow.

Scott Mitchell : This fat horrible cunt who had the cheek to whine this week about Machin being slow. This prick who waddles to the board and takes out each dart slowly one at a time.
He then whined in the Bournemouth Echo (yet again), not once did he have the decency to congratulate Machin who went on to win the comp, but tried to make more excuses and make it all about him.Even the readers of that shit rag are sick of him and he got deserved negative comment. His face when he lost was priceless.
 The self groping fat farmer was not the only this week to lose to Machin who pulled a retarded face.
Checkout the face on spineless when Machin disposed him as well

2 cunts of the BDO used to turning up and expecting to win, but Machin saw to them with ease.
And in a final move of defiance by popcorn teeth, the winner of the comp had his Grand Slam of Darts spot whipped away from him........they hate foreigners.

And guess which member of the travel club just so happens to be in line in the ranking for the Grand Slam spot.....Warty...the guy who chucks 78 averages and slates the PDC at every opportunity.