Friday, May 26, 2017

Every single time for the last number of years when I see a BDO scum gathering I think it cannot get any worse Popcorn and the gang continue to show it can actually get worse.
Tonight was rock bottom, it must be damn near impossible to top what i witnessed earlier before I had to stop watching as there was only so much comedy you can take before it runs its course.

Right from the off, the venue looked worse than the derelict buildings you see in Sytia on the news.
The crowd and I use the term in the most loosest sense almost reached double figures, with not a single one of them under the age of 50.

As every match ended the crowd increased by 2...thats right the players were then horsing pints down so by the time the mid session arrived the crowd was almost at 30 with players and officials making up the bulk.

The BDO paid in the region of 20k for this shit to be "televised" and right from the off the audio was non existent, when it finally did work the boring tone of John Gwynne was fading in and other, almost in time with the pink screen we got after every throw.
Then it got worse, you could hear the darts hitting the board and echo around the empty dump before the player was seen throwing them as everything was out of sync.
Still the entire global audience of 744 on youtube at the time did not seem to mind as they were busy laughing.
Way to go popcorn teeth, that was some value at 20k.
Then there is the 50k prize fund, which would be covered by the sponsor....oh wait...there was thats roughly 70k the lost right away, and then they had to pay the officials with speech impediments,  a dwarf announcer (I wonder if he is half price) stage crew...they probably got some watered down pints and other shit.
Its not like they made money on ticket sales.
By the time Andy Fordham takes to the stage tomorrow there will be more weight on the stage than the crowd weighs.
I laughed at the comments on the stream as the small global audience basically ripped the piss out of this clusterfuck.
One lad slated Chris Mason and said Mason won nothing in his life, and within seconds Mason was on listing some floor comps from 20 years he won, when I mentioned he never won a Major, this fact upset him more, and asked was I still hifing in Chris, I fucking live here ya dozy cunt.
One member on the stream posted a comment which was hilarious
So over 75k lost, thats around a grand lost for every ticket they sold for each day,
The BDO rules say a comp must make a profit for ranking points etc, so they broke their own rules,.
Maybe the chubby gay waiter married to livestock, no not Scott Mitchell, the other one  who is head of the disciplinary committee can bring charges against the BDO, and the 744 on youtube when he is finished charging Wayne Dobinson of Shownights...good luck with that.
I had to fuck off at one point as there was only so much comedy you can take in one sitting, while I was gone I missed the oldest youth player in history, a binman, a beached whale and a scottish dwarf, all we were short was a wheelchair for the full set.

At one stage I started to feel sorry ...then thought why ?
Who would or should I be sorry for ?
Sue the Gash and her cunt husband and the board ? No, fuck them, they are responsible for this calamity.
The players ? No fuck them too, they could have gone to Q-school if the cunts had a set of balls or a backbone, instead of a drink problem. Useless travel club pissheads with zero ambition and talent.
The fans ? Even they do not attend events any more, even these morons had their fill of it, even the guy who passes his wife around for pints has given up attending event, had he turned up and pimped his wife out the crowd might have doubled and instead of them all arriving in one taxi, the could have filled Phantom of the opera's minibus.

I was told that it also finished 45 minutes early so those watching on frontrunner had a blank screen to stare at....only fitting the show ended as it started.
The funniest part today on the forums were the mushrooms who mock the PDC fans who buy tickets and attend events , whilst claiming they are real fans but they never attend that one out.
Their defense of this shit was priceless, nd the more the fuck ups kept coming the further they had to dig for excuses,
Come monday the disgruntled moaning by the players will start all over again and the whole pattern will start again and the rumblings of change will come, but nothing will happen.

24 hours earlier, in Dubai, a place synonymous with success, the stars of the PDC  all household names  filled an outdoor arena for a comp of superb standard to a huge global audience.
It was advertised, promoted for weeks, and sold out in hours.

The BDO with pub players in a dank shitty badly lit room in the middle of some shithole in wales could barely sell a ticket for their atrocious shit,.
One dwarf on a forum claimed that Taylor was the only difference between the codes and the bdo was proper darts.

At lest the EDO got a sponsor to cover the expenses of the shit they show on frontrunner  for their global ausience of 250 people.

Roll on tomorrow for even more comedy
I still cannot get over the crowd....check out the winmau stream here for a laugh
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