Friday, May 19, 2017

I know some people will moan that how can I give Knob of the Week to a guy who finished second in the Premier League whilst the bdo continue to fuck up week after week but the simple reality is this week he was a deserving knob.
The bdo did fuck up but they are more knob of the year  material.
Seriously Krusty is a choking cunt, all through the night I expected to see the dope fuck up and by fuck he is consistent.
This is the part where I use analogies, swear words pics, and other such shit to rip the choking bastard  apart, but between a combination of me pissed and expecting him to fuck up, I decided why bother.
Here is a guy who has won fuckall of note , and yes some will say the UK Open but that was won in a depleted field,
I will give him credit, he is shit hot at busting up euro jobbers, players off form, and players on the decline but  when it comes to the crunch in majors in a full field the guy is sadly lacking..
The saddest part is I wanted him to win. The thought of that obese whore stiffing cunt lauding it over others again was unbearable.

So again,this is the part where I post a photoshop pic, make some type of witty comment, but I can't be arsed, its like I have accepted this is what we have come to expect from him..

I am sure the scum of the bdo who read this site and love getting offended by my words  will  be thinking where is the abuse and hate that they can get upset over. So let me allay some of that for you, you are all scum, the bdo is shit, and ye 2 faced dole sponging ignorant cunts who claim to be fanatics of the bdo can kiss my Irish white asshole, which I am sure is the right height for the giro dwarfs that infest the piss soaked community halls that is an embarrassment to darts.Ye can tweet each other and all the facebook warriors who think giving me a slap will somehow cause divine intervention where  me in a hospital bed will bring about a surge in tickets for that cluster fuck of a Catas Trophy and sorting me out will lead to a sudden interest by TV companies  so ye lie in your council houses and squats and drug addicted friends couches sadly trying to convince yourselves a new era is on the way..

I can hear it now....drunken fat potbellied low IQ morons thinking he would not say that to my face, feel free to pay me a visit.. One dysfunctional cunt on BDO FanZone warned me that Warty would see to me., that should be fun,whats the charge on step ladders  as luggage on flights to Ireland?
These inbred genetic  cunts who have fuckall in their sad existence that they cling to some outdated drinking club under the pretense of darts,and anyone that dares to point out the fuck ups must therefore be an internet warrior..

So let me say Fuck you All, the scumbag Jacklins the Williams and every single degeneate sub human cunt that thinks sorting me out will fix the calamity that is the BDO..

Speaking of the BDO, , I was looking forward to the live comedy on TV, but it seems they cannot even get it on TV. Ticket sales are so atrocious I almost felt bad for them, it only last around 6 seconds though..
Maybe this stream will break the global audience of 300 viewers.

A mention for James Wade who is dropping like a stone in the rankings and who is playing utter shit, his performance last weekend on the euro tour not only made sure he stays below Chizzy in the rankings, it was a fuckin embarrassment. Part of me hopes he is fucked out of next years PL and like the lats time he got kicked out hegets his arse in gear, as his 90 averages is not worth a fuck these days.

I was gonna write some shit about fireball features Glen Durrant  and his recent podcast where he made excuses for his loss in the Grand Slam to the sweaty postman but fuck it, the disfigured cunt ain't worth the effort.

Also I see the darts forum that is dying a slow death, the former stars of darts this week would not give out their prize of a dartboard to the winner. Seems since he is American he is not entitled to the prize on offer, which is tantamount to racism, then they have a history of not giving out prizes depending on who wins them.

On the topic of the choking cunt wright I saw this post which was succinct and to the point

However, special mention must go to Krusty the Clown, AKA Peter Wright, the fake Scot, who, to be fair,over the past few years has taken the professional game by storm and become one of the best players on the planet. His choke in the 20th leg of the Premier League Final against MvG ranks as high, if not higher than Mike Gregory's epic choke against Feel at Lakeshite back in 1992. Six missed match darts at one of the easier doubles on the board saw Billy Smarts Lovechild totally disintegrate and allow MvG to get his mucky paws on the Premier League pot yet again.
I was half tempted to apologise for this weeks blog lacking the enthusiasm and dedication of previous weeks , then thought why bother bother since every cunt who gets offended also claims to never read it., and I have other shit to be doing, like building a wall around my house, getting my black belt, fortifying my home security, hiring a bodygaurd and other such shit since so many hardmen a will layeth a slap upon me..what with the net it has for 7 years.