Saturday, May 13, 2017

Had a few nominations this week and decided to go for Dur the Gash for the main reason of the Catas Trophy debacle. It is almost 9 days now without a single ticket sold for this event.

They really are the comedy gift that keeps on giving, and only made better by its simple retarded autistic fans trying as they will to defend it and make excuses. One clownshoe even went as far as to claim it would be full as people would pay at the door on arrival, since Barry is such a metropolis and hub of commercial activity and a world heritage center for tourism.
I cannot wait for the empty hall to have giant stained curtains hanging from the balcony that many a coal scavenger has previously hung themselves off to hide the empty hall and the lights down so low that a knitting needle will be almost impossible to see.
Lets hope the public toilets have solid working doors or we might get a repeat of the last bdo darkness event where the sound of flushing toilets echoed around the hall like a hollow warehouse.
Dont get me started on the prize money, or the advertising for this ...MAJOR...

Popcorn teeth was also the cunt who once tried to berate the PDC for its fancy dress, walk on girls, etc, citing you would not see that in the BDo, till weeks later there was walk on girls in a bdo event.
As for fancy dress, take a look at the black cloud in this pic.
Fairly apt she should dress as a cow,

Also a special mention for Genetic throwback and poor mans Peter Stringfellow, the Chairman of the EDO , the man that had no idea that a former treasurer of his in county darts threw thousands into a slot machine, and the pensioner who can drive a wimpy gay waiter to making death threats, yes, that pony tailed simpleton Tommy Toerag Thompson, who announced that England would not be sending a team to the World Cup in Japan.
Seems the FOUR FUCKING YEARS they had to get ready for it was somehow not enough and the excuse was it would cost £30k, which itself was total bullshit as some of it would be subsidized by the BDO.
But suppose it was 30k, last time I checked there was 43 counties playing darts in England, so if they collected a mere 3 pound fifty a week of each county for the 4 years they would have made more than 30grand, remember these are the people who claimed thousands upon thousands each week attend county darts, its proper darts, the backbone etc, these people are so called fanatics.
Yet these same people do not attend events, not buy tickets, in fact they do not even watch the events that are even streamed, cos it might interfere with their drinking, which is the crux of their existence.

On the forums the mushrooms as usual tried to makes excuses for the EDO, whilst others laughed at them for not sending a team, but in hindsight does it really matter ?
Who really gives a fuck if England are there or not, even if they won it, it is a pointless event, no one gives a flying fuck about except those who thought they were going on a freebie.
Like Scott Mitchell who claimed  he  was "numb",, maybe thats why Popcorn Teeth dressed up as a cow to turn him on and make him forget about Japan .
I would be shocked if even those superleague and county players know anything about the world cup or its history, or who won the last one or where its held,  it makes the PDC World Cup seem like the FIFA football one..

Another week and yet again that poisonous little cunt Warty running his mouth. Seems after he choked in the Danish Open like he was in the first round at Lakeshite, he tried to confront some member of the audience who turned up for the comedy.
Cos we all know how old men approaching 60 years of age under five foot 2 inches who are pissed to the eyeballs are such dangerous street fighters. Those big tall Danes in attendance must have been shitting themselves when the imposing and virile scottish cunt started throwing shapes.

And a mention for that kerb crawling hunchbacked cunt MVG who got raped by Coco the clown last Sunday.
I think this post sent to me  by a member of the sums it up beautifully
Firstly this week a quick mention to the Scottish Thumbelina who tried to attack a member of the Danish public straight after the defeat that won the miniature Cum guzzler last week's award.
Fortunately Geert de Vos managed to step in before the child in question managed to hit the wartless one with that many lefts the dwarfy cunt was begging for a right.
Next up is a big shout going out to the BDO (catas)trophy who unfortunately haven't sold ONE fucking ticket for this event in a entire week!... yet the event is still taking place as the mushrooms and Summer teeth Sue (aye, some are black some are green & some are fuckin missing) reckon the crowds will be reminiscent of a pilgrimage to mecca and be climbing over one another to pay on the door when & if this pile of dog wank actually takes place.
Stepping up to lay claim to this week's award is the misshapen fat Dutch shitbag Michael van Gerwen, yes the man whose oversized pumping hips have left more prostitutes laying star shaped and gasping for air than the Suffolk strangler has ironed out all his rivals with his performance last Sunday night against his usual bitch Peter Wright.
Not only did the cunt with a streetwalker season ticket get beat, he got fucking annihilated 6-0 by a painted bow legged mongoloid with a Buddha belly and a Vietnamese pot bellied pig wife who only stops fucking eating when her arms get tired.
How fucking humiliating must that have been for the Dutch Down Syndrome merchant as his usual gurgling rape victim fought back for once and bummed the snot out of his pantomime horse sized back end just for a fucking change.
Yep, no matter how much the Yul Brynner with a under active thyroid problem pulled his socks up or put on that fake fucking cough he couldn't manage to shake the clowns love root from rattling away at his clay pipe like a salvation army tambourine.
No surprise really as all cunts that live in windmills have a genetic predisposition for waving the white flag brought on by their masters in jackboots from bygone days.
And lastly a mention for those lazy cunts not attending the EuroTour this weekend.
I guess allowances can be made for Taylor who is retiring anyway, and MVG who claimed he is preparing for the PL finals night, and to be fair he does not miss many , and also Ando who has qualified.

However Lewis and Barney who wont be at the PL next thursday proved yet again what lazy useless cunts they are. Remember before the Premier League  participants were announced and Fatpot and Barney promised to make more of an effort ?

I said at the time those 2 lying fat cunts did this just cos the PL selection was on, and now the PL is done and dusted for the most part, those 2 sweat hogs are back to their lazy routine, and in the meantime we got a euro tour with extra Gibraltar jobbers, making todays euro tour possibly the worst opening day Euro tour I have ever witnessed even if the standard was still better than what you get in the bdo.