Friday, June 9, 2017

The award has to go to Tommy Thompson head of the EDO.
Admittedly he is not like those morons in Lincolnshire and their mutant supporters who are intent on keeping up the feud between the EDO and the BDO, but Tommy seriously needs to wake up and realize some obvious home truths. like how the BDO does not want his help or give a fuck about him and his grandiose ideas and secondly he should concentrate on his own job of running the EDO,

The EDO  could not even afford to send a team to the WDF world cup, despite having FOUR FUCKING YEARS to prepare for it, instead they would rather waste their finances on paying a tv channel to show shit nobody in their right mind gives a flying fuck about.
The other EDO official houseboy Paul James, Deta's pet lodger who spends his time whoring himself out on facebook made the claim it costs the EDO nothing to be on TV as "sponsors" pay for it, which if true makes you wonder why another begging page was set up by  Adrians Battersby to beg for money to get more useless internationals on tv.
And why is Adrian Battersby running the go fund me page which has reached the grand total of ZERO last time I checked ?

The EDO would be better off saving any money they have to put towards prize money for the comps and opens they run which might attract a better field, and stick to keeping the shitty internationals on a youtube channel, as most people can watch youtube on their tv anyways if they are masochists and want to suffer it.

The BDO are just as guilty as the EDO for complete stupidity, mismanagement and  amateur behavior.
You wont see PDC officials abusing each other on facebook or their fans urged to go around sticking up A4 shitty posters around council estate pubs to advertise their events.They certainly do not start go fund me pages to raise money to try pay a TV channel to show their product, instead the media advertise their product. The TV stations pay the PDC for the right to show their product.
So how has the EDO and BDO become so shit ? Well the fault lies with those running the organisations. They are stuck in the past, showing shit no one cares about to a few hundred die hard simpletons and they think spunking what little money they have at some 2-bit tv channel hidden away up with the arabs channels and god channels will suddenly turn their fortunes around.
That is complete utter delusion showing shit on TV just for the sake of it.
The kicker is had the recent Catas Trophy got a bigger audience than it did, it would have just meant more people saw the fucks up they had, the shit averages, and the complete fiasco it was.

When even Mushrooms are saying enough is enough and people like myself only watch for the hilarious comedy element its time to take a step back from trying to put that shit on tv.

One of the funniest things I saw this week in darts was a news article by the Gazette where they ran a nothing piece on Melted Plastic Bag Face Glen Durrant..The so called journalist who did the piece not only put up a photoshop pic instead of a Glen Durrant pic he was to thick to even recognise it was the footballer Fabrizio Ravenelli who played for Boro 20 years ago.
It was the following day before the simpletons changed it. Thankfully I got a screencap of it

Shows how much the Middlesboro paper knows about their local "world pro" champ.
Reminds me of the time Durrant went on the boro pitch with bob Potter tin pot cup and the crowd were asking each other "who the fuck is he", they must have thought it was some old cunt from the spastic olympics.

A mention for Gerwyn Price , the manlet fucker who cried like a bitch in the PDC World. It takes some doing to appear more a bitch than Mark Webster, and the coal scavenging scumbag managed it.

A well done to Peter Machin who was confirmed for the Grand Slam of Darts by the PDC website, despite the bdo earlier in the week stating he had not qualified. Yet another fuck up by those cunts in the BDO, although the PDC are also fucking up allowing any bdo cunts into their comps, firstly its not right since it is now a ranking competition, and they have no business being there, and secondly the bdo players are shit and provide nothing.
Its years since a single one of them won a knockout match outside the group stages.
It is funny seeing cunts like that bearded cunt Adams sell his principles for the PDC coin and come begging cap in hand....although prostate hole and his fake laugh looks like he wont qualify.
Wonder if that poisonous bitter old jockanese pygmy Warty will come begging for Uncle Barrys charity ?
I reckon being a scot he wont turn down the money for finishing bottom of the group.

I just had a look at the begging page and its still at ZERO