Friday, April 28, 2017

This weeks award was a tough choice with so many contenders scattered across multiple countries.
The winner is Rob MacDougall. For those not up to date on this weeks comedy  this is the guy in the UK "helping" out the organizers of the Danish Open.
When both Jobber Martin Atkins entered the Danish competition he took it upon himself to somehow think there was a mistake as there was not two Martin Atkins, despite both have a different second initial, and decided he will call one Mark McGeeney....except Mark McGeeney was not going and when the Martin Atkins went to find out why he was not in the draw he was told he was not entered.

Then this fucking Muppet rob starts crying about how its the last time he will help out.
How the fuck did he help ? He cost a player a spot in a comp, and when Atkins tried to get it sorted it was too late.
Take a look at this fucking moron who is not happy while trying to suck up to the jobber player.
Seems his only knowledge of a sovereign country like Denmark is Lurpak butter

Makes you wonder what sort of spastics in Denmark would ask for his advice in the first place, be best if they ignored his "advice and help" in the future.

The BDO/WDF clusterfucks were not just limited to Denmark.
This week in Belgium a country famous for chocolate and kiddy fiddling some jobber event was cancelled only 12 days before it was due to start. How does the organizers expect to refund those who coughed up ?
By offering them 3 free drinks at some other event which may or may not happen.
Drink is the absolute sole reason and bond for all bdo/wdf scum conventions, where darts is secondary to the piss up. Its how these people view the game, you only need look at the travel club and its ventures to the shitholes of Europe for pittance, raffle tickets and ranking points in the hope of one day playing in a run down hotel in Surrey. which is the pinnacle of piss ups, a week long extravaganza of sweaty tracksuit wearing chavs and pissheads with only primary education comparing gold college rings they bought in cash converters to match the gold chain on the outside of their football jersey that is stinking of sweat, vomit and  covered beer stains.

Not to be outdone by Denmark and Belgium, Scotland also made a bid. The Scots decided only this week they would not be sending a team to the World Cup in Japan...yes that WDF World Cup, the one we are always hearing about , how its the pinnacle of International Darts, the highest honour and other such outlandish horseshit. The tightfisted cunts just realized they cannot afford it...theres a shock....despite them having FOUR FUCKING YEARS TO GET READY FOR IT. It was hardly out of the blue this came up. Guess International Darts is not as important as were told then, who saw that coming ?

Another country not wanting to be left out is that shitstain on the map, the valley of coal scavengers Wales, or Whales when you refer to those things born as women. Seems people cannot enter the Welsh open and those who have or want information are being ignored constantly over some petty hassle going on. Read this on the Darts Forum

Noel Gates
I have phoned prostatyn over 80 times without reply.. Booking form sent in month's ago and nothing..Phoned head office twice and told they would get someone to contact me ASAP again nothing..Sent emails and nothing...Only flights are booked I'd say fu#k the Welsh open...Very disappointed in the way this has turned out,never had this trouble any other year....What's happened

‪Neil Duff ‬
‪Heard a rumour they r in dispute with Welsh darts over sponsor or something. Wouldn't like to think this is on a knife edge‬

‪Gerard Lehane ‬
‪Oh FFS not another possible scenario ahead! There has been enough already this week!‬

‪Neil Duff ‬
‪It's a nitemare buddy. No wonder I'm off. Who would be bothered with this shit‬

‪Gerard Lehane ‬
‪It's absolutely ridiculous mate. It's loyal players to the BDO like yourself I feel sorry for. The past week has been a constant stream of bad news and problems! I think record numbers at PDC Q School will be had next January‬

Prostatyn ??? Sounds like Martin Adams arsehole , which is apt for a place name in Wales.
I am sure the thick cunt meant Prestatyn, but another fuck up in yet another event in yet another country under the BDO /WDF banner.

Next up is the USA, some dopey bitch a few weeks started a petition for some equal shit for Munters or something, not exactly sure as I have zero interest in that shit. She turned up this week on the Darts forum crying over the people who responded and the names they used.
The person most upset was Deta Hedman's personal houseboy, the chubby simpleton with an unhealthy preoccupation with me. He said all the false names were my idea, despite there being zero proof of that anywhere, still as long as he is upset it might stop the retarded cunt from contacting me and begging for something which he has often done,and now  he dont need me anymore, he has new people to contact with more influence than me...yep thats right, the moron has contacted Richard Branson begging.
The guy has taken whoring himself out to a whole new level.

 Lisa Higginson Munt
If so many teams can't go, surly WDF have to move it? Doesn't matter if it's it the top seeds or the lowest seeds who can't go surly every country should be able to afford to send a squad? Such a shame! Send an article to all the nationwide newspapers you never know some rich person may read it and send your teams!!

Paul James
Unfortunately most companies think darts begins and ends with the PDC , very hard to promote international darts as coverage of world cups isn't the best .
England have spoken to many companies , even Richard Branson at virgin were asked .

Who is next to be asked....remember Frank Warren ?

No week would be complete without some mention of Popcorn and the Cuckold.
I read on a forum she is suffering from depression. I hope she recovers soon and is back at her post overseeing the ticket sales for the Catas Trophy, (snigger) and her cunt of a husband can get back to doing what he does best by visiting forum owners and charging up his petrol to expenses.
I want the Williams to carry on in their job til the BDO is fucking broke, finished and dead.

After all these complete fuck ups in multiple countries, I almost forgot to mention Dave Chisnall who you must admit is the most consistent choker in the PDC since the antique dealer.
He will never win a tv event the choking cunt.

A mention for Fatpot too who not only jobbed to Wade yet again but lost to MVG, too.
Of course losing to MVG is not  a shock but he was completely battered.

Matt Porter, and his 4 month investigation into some foreign jobber for match fixing at the last World championships. Good luck in proving that. It was hardly Darryl Fitton, Gary Anderson or Gary Jobson levels where it was obvious.

And lastly, I am sure there will be no shortage of delicate little souls who will be upset at the likes of me laughing at the bdo , its players, and its ignorant fans .
I am sure some more new cunts will join the long list of cunts who think giving me a slap or acting like a hardman will somehow change things.
I see a couple of spud munching micks think giving people a slap will sort me out. like it will somehow make what I say on here not true.
Oddly no one from the PDC has ever threatened to sort me out....strange that, its always scum from the other side of the divide who think if they turn up at my door and act the hardman the bdo will somehow be less of a joke, the fat munters will turn into supermodels, Glen Durrant will look normal, Tony O Shea will win a competition, the BDO might sell more than 2 tickets for an event in a 24 hour period, The BBC will come begging to show their events and other deluded dreams.

Some other comments I enjoyed across the forums this week
Fucking spoiled for choice this week.
I didn't think the Floreal Masters being sacked off 12 days before happening, causing the players to lose large amounts of cash and be offered THREE FUCKING DRINKS as compo could be eclipsed.
Then along pops Robert MacDougall, whoever the fuck he is, to frankly romp home with his outstanding effort.
This cunt fucked over the obviously talented Martin Atkins (the shitter one, not the shit one with the dodgy arm and haircut) by changing his entry into the Denmark Open to Mark McGeeney. Losing him his flight and accommodation costs. Not to mention the ranking points, which are more precious to the travel jobbers.
Absolutely hysterical scenes on the Fanatics, as Atkins laid straight into the tournament organisers, slagging them left right and centre. Oblivious to the fact that good old Robert had fucked it all for him, making him look a right cunt.
Cue good old Auntie Sue to the rescue with an email to the organisers, who took one look at it and totally ignored the dopey old cunt and left him out anyway.


- Organisers of Belgian ranking events for cancelling with 12 days notice
- Robert MacDougal for causing Martin Atkins to miss the Danish ranking events
- Matt Porter for claiming a match fixing investigation against a player is taking 4 months
- The WDF for the continued World Cup farce with teams pulling out (or at least pondering it)
- The BDO for the continued WDT farce, with only two tickets sold since 11am Sunday and people seemingly unable to enter the qualifier online
There will be more players than spectators at this event, it promises to be comedy gold.
Can see it now, a shaky camera, light of to darken the shithole, but it wont mask the sound or hollow echos, shit darts flung by pub players playing for pittance.