Friday, April 21, 2017

This week the award goes to the Human Calculator, the man who in a total coincidence suffered an injury  which ruled him out for months the exact minute he was banned by the PDC.
All a coincidence.

This week he and his wife decided to relive the golden days of the last century in typical bdo style by advertising their new idea of a pub crawl on a bus which ends in an exhibition. See Here

Imagine that bus load of fucking pissheads , munters, jobbers and cunts ending up in your local after a days drinking, it would be some exhibition alright.

As one member on The Darts forum wrote:

Special mention this week for the Winstanleys.

After fucking up his career in the PDC and following his Mrs around on the munters tour, big Deano and his Mrs have decided to roll back the years and recreate On the Buses, 21st Century style, by inviting all to join them on a bus tour of the shabby working men's clubs of the West Midlands for the princely sum of £70 a pop. What better way to blow your hard earned than to join Arthur and Olive on a throwback to the days of the miners strike, the three day week , social disharmony etc.
Yorkshire v the Greats of the West Midlands, bring it on.

Also a mention this week for Sue the Gash and her cunt husband who are doing a wonderful job for the BDO. Still no mention of the prize money for the Catas Trophy, let alone the news of what TV channel its on...oh wait...darts on tv is a bad thing.
Lets hope Popcorn and the Cuckold stay in charge of the BDO and wont stop til they complete their mission of killing the bdo dead til even the flies in the shit fuck off..

A mention also for Gary Anderson who was 4-0 up on Taylor and then lost the next 7 legs on the trot....what were the odds on that...I bet Ando knew.

James Wade, time for him to be fucked out of the Premier League. as he is stinking up a comp that is already starting to bore me as it goes on to long, not helped by seeing Mardle and that squinty eyed shakin stevens impersonator rattle on.
Also the last time he was kicked out of the PL it actually helped his game..

And of course no weekend of PDC darts would be complete without one of the most consistent groups in the history of darts doing what they do best.

Yes I am referring to the JOB Squad, the likes of Pecker woods , a former Lakeshite semi finalist going out with a 71 average, the likes of Jeffrey Giraffe and Kong and other jobbers who did well at Lakeshite receive their usual beating in the first round.
No surprise this weeks KotW winner Winstanley was also a member of this illustrious group.