Friday, March 31, 2017

As head of the EDO, the shower of simpletons responsible for that shit called International Darts that was sadly shown on some obscure 2 bit tv channel Tommy Thompson wins this weeks Knob of the Week.
How in the blue fuck can spending what little money the EDO have on showing that shit beggars belief. Then this is the man who did not notice when a treasurer of his in Lancashire Darts fed a slot machine thousands of quid.

Tommys chief lackey and Deta's personal servant claimed the darts was value for money.
Value for who? The only people that gained from the shit darts were frontrunner tv who got paid to show it.
Somewhere in an office last week a bunch of executives were pissing themselves laughing at the thought people were paying them to show that shit.
A global audience of a few hundred will hardly see it as value for money.

The production was utter shit and would have been inexcusable in the last century, let alone this one.
Camera work, graphics, sound, quality etc, you name an area and they managed to fuck it up.
Then there was the appalling standard.
In the entire competition there was 3 times as many averages under 49.99 as there was averages over 100.
Out of the 144 averages, 133 of them were under 90

The full list:

Weeks back when the fixture list and schedule came out everyone could see that it was gonna run late, but sure enough there was no one in the EDO could have foreseen this and what a hilarious thing that turned out to be when the only moment of quality in the entire weekend of shit happened and Pp P P Paul Ho ho ho hogan got his 9 darter frontrunner had already dumped that shit of its channel.

There was of course no shortage of biased mushrooms who tried to defend this shit which saw averages in the 30s. Some mushrooms even demanded the averages I posted be removed cos the truth  hurt them.
One simpleton claimed the TV channel showing the programme listed as International darts was not a tv programmme, even though said programme was on tv. Then that was also the same simpleton who said Phil Taylor was the only difference between the codes.

The normal people on Earth who were aware of the International shit did not watch that shit, and those who did  view for comedic purposes  were quick to point out its abysmal waste of time
Some comments from The Darts Forum
Frankly there's only one winner for me.
The British Internationals was car crash shite.
Woeful standard.
Why the fuck televise the dead sets at the end of games? Who wants to see some cunt who's team has already lost play a game against some other amateur jobbing cunt.
Twice now the retards have run out of time on their *ahem* TV broadcast.
How difficult is it to schedule matches that are best of 7 legs for fuck sake.
Hardly any England player played great and they still won 22 out of 24 games.
Can't wait for the British Pentathlon.
That will be even fucking worse.
another on missing what would have been the first 9 darter on British TV in over 27 years.
 Let's not forget the first BDO/WDF live televised nine darter in over 2 years was missed because they ran out of time to show greyhound racing

 And where were the current Bob Potter Run Down Hotel in Surrey Champions the Teeside Toxic Avenger and Lisa Ashton ?
Thats right no where to be seen, tells you how much they cared for that shit event.In fact the Munters champion would sooner job on the PDC Challenge tour than attend that shit mickey mouse crap in Leeds.

Other mentions this week go to the PDC for awarding Krusty a 7-0 win over Huybrechts.
Something that rightfully appeared to annoy a few players, which makes you wonder why MVG's opponent never got a 7-0 win when MVG missed an event over his back which he probably put out humping some prostitute in Bradistan.
So what if Kim was relegated, he has weeks to play the game as seeing as he was already relegated that leg difference could be a huge factor come the end of the comp.

James Wade was nominated by a few people as well for his petulant sulky behaviour, although in Wade's favour he hardly gives a shit about the PL anymore and has always been vocal about the clique in the PDC, which ironically led to his initial omission a couple of years back when the PDC tried to pretend they were doctors and it was over "medical reasons" and they knew what was best for him.
It also seems this "ref cam" that the comms were wetting themselves over was another issue Wade was moaning about as supposedly he could not see his score due to the ref in the way with his new cam on his arm, so hopefully that new idea will be fucked in the same bin as the quatro board..

Fatpot Adrian Lewis - His vow to knuckle down this year and get back on track has been a disaster.
It seems already he has pulled out of some European Tours and Players doubt getting pissed on a tugboat for Deller is more important.

Here is another hilarious nomination I received for Knob of the Week on the Darts forum where people can add their nominations.
 What a night in Cardiff it was as fat guts the weeping clown got more air time than any Fucker actually throwing darts and James Wade left Dr Jekyll at home knocking the back out of Sammi and sent Mr Hyde up on the stage to get turned inside out by the yawning tramp.
Enough of these halfwits as we move on to what really matters most, winning this week's award by a bigger landslide than the one caused by Joanne Wright when she tried a Zumba workout is the Frontrunner/EDO conglomerate that has taken the world of darts by storm.
After last week the EDO tried to extinguish the flames of racism by putting out a photoshopped picture of Adolf Eichmann worshipper Vic Sexton firmly ensconced between a pair of part time dart players and professional sunbed testers the lovely Olive and delightful Deta.
Unfortunately the photograph was that badly done poor old Vic had a arm that withered he looked like a Ian Dury tribute act with a Joe Cullen style combover.
Not to be outdone, Frontrunner managed NOT to televise PPPaul HHHHogan hitting a nine dart leg but we're more than happy to provide close up camerawork that looked like it was being done by a wanking Dave Clarke wearing the brand new PDC ref cam whilst riding a fucking spacehopper.
If you like your darts with a comedy edge then watch out for ponytailed Tommy and his dilapidated church hall full of drunken spastics coming to a shithole near you.