Friday, March 24, 2017

Award goes to this retarded bigot cunt this week.
This is one of the directors of the EDO who was also partly responsible for bringing us that shit event last week on tv.
This is the type of bigoted shit this racist cunt has been posting in the last week
Cunt wants to bring back Golliwogs.
What for ?
So he can laugh at it and pretend he is not a racist cunt ?

Wonder how this bigot cunt  gets on with fellow official Houseboy.
On the subject of last weeks hilarious viewing for that shit in the Isle of man, the viewing figures had me in stitches, 8,000 people watched on the that is not a typo, a global audience of Eight Thousand. This blog got more than that last week.
The Sunday got 5,000 when over a third of the people who tuned in for the comedy on Saturday fucked off as the joke got old.
Of course the usual prepared statements of " Frontrunner were very happy with the figures" and other such bullshit from other dumb cunts in the EDO, but no actual proof was posted.

Not content with the shit last week they decided to do an even worse job this weekend.
Live on youtube from what looked like a back room in some church with the furniture borrowed from the set of "are you being served" and a rag tag bunch of simple and stupid looking cunts like you would see in a queue in a Liverpool Dole Office, I saw bits of the worst darts I have ever witnessed.

There was 14 games played, and of the 28 players, only one player managed to average over 77.
There was even 3 dart averages of 36 and 37 , and 3 more averages of 42.
Thats right 5 players averaged under 43 and this was heralded as the pinnacle of International darts.
No wonder it had a global audience live on youtube of 269.
That works out roughly one person for every country on earth.
Where were the 2 million people who watch this shit on line we were always told about.
Of course even mentioning these facts on some places is called trolling, god fordid you actually highlight how shit they are.

And that welsh munters team....dear fucking christ is it any wonder the 2 legged pit pony coal scavenging leek loving welsh men would rather fuck sheep than them.
That stage needed reinforcing, those fat things that were originally born female before they mutated into these things they are now were fucking sickening to look at.
One of that bitches wore a top that could be used as a tent in Minehead she was that fat.

Also mentions for the perv Klaasen and that retard Kim Huybrechts who got relegated this week from the PL, and the excuses came out how Klaasen hurt his wrist wanking off to a special needs kid and how Kim;s mum is not well, but that does not cut it how combined they won only one game this year nor does it change the fact both should never have been picked as its not their first time being this shit in this glorified exbo comp.

I think this quote from The Darts Forum sums it up quite well
What a week for contenders fighting like drowning kittens trying to escape from a sinking sack to lay claim to this edition of KOTW.
Firstly a special mention to Lincolnshire birthday girl and shuffling sack of ameobic dysentery Bo Selecta as the wizened old crone hits sixty.
Fingers crossed the gay waiter and its feral offspring decide not to buy her the usual 45 gallons of hair dye and invest in a bouquet of Hemlock, Deadly nightshade & Poison Ivy instead.
On to this week's big guns and take a bow Kim Huybrechts and Jelle Klaasen, this pair of turd burglars are that fuckin shite they have caused next week's Judgement Night to be a non event as this duo of care in the community projects are already fucking relegated due to the fact they have managed to win a grand total of ONE fucking game between them in SIXTEEN attempts.
Klaasens excuse for this pitiful display is he hurt his wrist taking photographs of his shlong to post to a gurgling window licker and Kimmy boy is blaming the failing health of a family member on his culmination of utterly woeful displays.
It was only a couple of years back Robert Thornton left Dublin for Scotland, buried his mother, flew back to the Grand Prix and nailed a nine darter the same fuckin night, but I guess some professional darts players need a excuse and others own a spinal cord.
Winner winner chicken dinner this week is EDO official Vic Sexton who has been spending his down time plastering pictures of Enoch Powell & Golliwogs all over the fuckin Internet.
Talk about picking your moment to strike?, a prime example of how truly retarded the cunts from "grassroots" darts really are.
I guess his chances of having a three way sex sandwich this weekend with Deta Hedman & Olive Byamukama are fading fast.

A few other mentions.

The entire list of jobbers that represented Germany tonight in the Euro tour.
Shame as the fans love the game, attend in huge numbers and they have the shittiest player, its makes even the Irish seem well off they are that bad, and dont get me started on the useless Max Hopp who fans love, and the biggest German favorite since Denis Ovens.

Merv King- This cunt needs to fuck off and fuck off quickly, join Taylor and Jenkins, take Painter with you.
He grimaced when he was losing, then won a leg, started the next leg with a max and suddenly the pain was gone, it was a miracle , then he lost a leg and the pain magically appeared again, and sure enough disappeared again when he won in a last leg decider.

Chris Murphy,...I really detest this northern cunt and his accent. Three games in a row today we were told the winner of a match plays Kim Huybrechts in the next round, you would think the thick cunt would have his facts checked. How mny gams did he think Huybrechts was playing ?
Another of these northern mean tight cunts who probably thinks you get charged for pronouncing words and using the correct number of vowels. He is the second most annoying cunt on Earth after Jamie Carragher who sounds like he is trying to eat his own teeth whilst gargling semen.