Friday, March 17, 2017

The fat simple looking cunt in the pic above is Adrian Battersby, and before any of ye thick mushroom cunts ask he was not a character in Coronation Street. He is the guy responsible for the streaming of the EDO event on the Isle of Man last weekend, which left the fat  bitches and munters in a huff and spewing their illiterate ramblings on facebook the thing the unemployed and great unwashed use to pass their time to make up for not having an actual job.
The crying from some bitches made for hilarious reading, the calls of sexism and other liberal feminist nonsense was never ending, surprised they did not moan about how the Isle of Man is a sexist name for a "country".

I have to admit, I only saw about 40 seconds of the event as I was busy watching "proper darts" from the PDC, who amazingly streamed their events and was a far superior production.
The defenders of the EDO shit were quick to point out these "teething mistakes" were "something to build on", which is what was said last year, and the year before that too, so how many years does it take to master it ?

This is what one member on a Darts Forum wrote
The EDO and Adrian Battersby, the man behind the streaming, deserve a mention for KoTW, for the piss poor coverage and scheduling of the Isle of Man Open over the week on bargain bucket channel FrontRunner, a channel so crap it isn't on cable or half the Freeview boxes in the UK.

The issues with the coverage first, include and are not limited to:

- Picture quality of something resembling the quality seen during the 1986 Mexico World Cup
- Players with wrong nationalities on screen: Martin Phillips was English, Geert de Vos was Belgian, Dutch and then Belgian again on the same fucking caption
- Sound from the MC kept cutting out. And then coming back. And then crackling. Repeat ad nauseum.
- A player fucking off for a fag, and then a piss, before the walk on, leaving John Gwynne padding for time.
- Signs in the crowd you could barely read due to the piss poor picture quality
- Womens final on the Saturday showing a caption from the first mens semi final

On the Saturday they blocked off the stage from the hall with a big barrier and it just looked shite. The stage was atrocious, with a laptop showing the time just plonked on the stage in front of a load of empty cases.


John Gwynne blundered through 8 hours of coverage, waxing lyrical at Phillips 76 average and Fordham being "back" with an average of 83. As the broadcast fell around his feet he constantly apologised for the various technical fuck-ups, and at one point he and Little Richard had to pad for 5 minutes whilst the Cow Botherer finished a match elsewhere.

After numerous attempts at showing multi-day darts events, you would think that Battersby and his band of merry men would have sussed it all out by now. When you have Oche Balboa suggesting it's time to sack them, you know things aren't good.

To top everything off, the EDO then made what was arguable the biggest blunder of them all by scheduling too many matches on the Sunday, resulting in the men's final being swapped with the women's final and then the women's final being cut off after a few throws because their purchased TV time had come to an end and the greyhound racing was due on.
"We will get you the result on social media later", said a sheepish Gwynne.
Makes me glad I missed it, especially when that disgusting fat obese mountain of human shit Fordham is making a final, and if that was not bad enough his opponent was even older, that tells you the state of the game in the EDO.
I was told the obese cunt missed half a dozen darts for the match, and one of the darts for double 8 was on the wire...of the number 19....a foot away..

Then we had the EDO official Houseboy (property of Deta Hedman) in a quandry as he had to suck up to Deta and the munters while defend the EDO at the same time., and sure enough the usual shit came flowing with the excuses etc..

The Bitches cried their fat hearts out on facebook saying how the "ladies" were as good as the men.
Here is a bunch of useless and ugly heifer cunts who are nothing but parasites on the game.
They paid 15 pounds to enter the event, they would put on less after a feed in McDonalds the fat cunts, and contributed a total of 3k and got a payout of 8k....fat fucking ugly spongers.
If these vile hogs think they can do better why dont they run their own comps, get their own comps on tv on their own ?

Speaking of vile ugly hogs  great to see Bo Selecta lost today in the final of the Spanish Fact Finders Mission. She lost to global superstar and household name  ? Forsmark.

Still Bo Selecta should be proud, she joins that other cunt with a beard Martin Adams as a cunt to make a final at the age of 60.
According to wikipedia its her birthday next week though I suspect she munches her fat hole through cake all year round.

Other mentions this week.
Jelle Klaasen , who  must have given out free phones to the local down syndrome school as he did some damage to his wrist that needs surgery.

Kim Huybrects who shat his load when Tugboat Tubby gave him a mean look during their Premier League and lost six legs on the trot.

Stephen Bunting, the fat cunt has played in all 4 of the players championships this year and lost every game, even Jam-eye Cave-in did better than that, and to think some cunts claimed there was only 2 players in the world better than bunting.
Then the person who said also said that every time a nine darter is hit his heart sinks a little.....right after Joe Cullen in the PDC hit one.
Oddly when a nine darter happened an hour later in the EDO there was no mention of his heart sinking...
Then that moron once claimed Phil Taylor is the only difference between the codes.....I shit thee not.

Phil Taylor another cunt with an honorable mention, and this quote posted on the Darts Forum had me in stitches
Phillip Douglas Taylor made a late dash for KOTW as he lost seven out of eight legs from three zip up to collapse like a Emphysema riddled lung against fellow hunchback and streetwalker client, mongoloid Michael van Gerwen.
The former "Greatest player the game will ever see" is that shot he now resembles a much loved old pet dog that drags it's shitty back end round whilst whimpering and a one way trip to the vet would be the most humane outcome for all concerned.
Outright winner for me is the Belgian bottle job and Warwick Davis impersonator Kim Huybrechts, this fucking useless choking cunt went cap in hand to Wayne fuckin Mardle for help in the week to stop him shitting his knickers in public and what happened?.
Yep you guessed right, Tiny tears Huybrechts sphincter exploded like mount Etna when that sweaty fat sack of spew Adrian "spackpot" Lewis growled at him for bouncing on the stage, before going on to pepper the snot out of the spineless glove puppet with SIX straight legs without reply.
Huybrechts choking is fast becoming so legendary one wonders if Albert DeSalvo was rattling a mix into his mam thirty odd years back.

While I was never a huge fan of Taylor  the guy was the ultimate player and the best ever and it is sad to see the cunt linger on and have millions see this broken and mentally insecure fucker jobbing left right and center to players who Taylor would have destroyed in his prime.

Cunt should  have retired after the Worlds, but like so many greats their ego wont allow it.