Friday, March 10, 2017

The last time this many people choked in a week , Enola Gay was heading home after a successful mission, the same year the Nazis had the showers on full blast.

The King of the chokers was Ian "Tennessee Williams" White. At least all at least did it in the PL or elsehwere or in the UK Open at less important stage.
What made the flid looking Whites all the more ridiculous was after choking he somehow regained his composure due to Price seeming resigning himself to defeat only to re choke. This pathetic shaking and shit job was up there with the time Andy Hamilton shat his load against Taylor a few years back, at least Hamilton was playing the world #1 at the time.
Cunt showed why he never won anything or ever will.
Gurney another cunt who wont ever win a comp, a future Terry Jenkins, except Jenkins was never a rat hun cunt.Gurney is like that fat fucker Bellyboy  with his childlike sulk when things are not going their way, gurneys performance a joke the way he gave up and then laughed about it, and proceeded to dance and laugh on stage afterwards.

James Wade was abysmal yet again, he followed up a shit performance in the pl and then UK Open with yet another miserable effort against Krusty, and as bad as Wade played he had chances to get a draw and blew it, but if his pathetic performance was bad on thursday then Kim Huybrechts produced an even bigger joke when he shat his load at assuring himself a point against MVG and lost a game he should have at least drawn, but not to be outdone Klaasen went one step even further .
Leading 4-1 in legs, and had multiple darts to break Barneys throw yet again and lead 5-1 he not only lost the leg but lost the match, losing 6 of the last 7 legs.
At least Wade was playing Wright a player who won his first proper trophy, and Huybrects played the best player in the World, Klaasen the mongoloid loving pervert cunt lost to a postman with mental issues ripe for the picking.
Speaking of which, the head shaking hypoglycemic  muppet spent all christmas time telling everyone on twitter how he was going to focus and make an effort this year and enter all events, which amazingly was just prior to the premier League participants being announced, and lo and behold this week the diabetic dickhead is once again telling people how he is no longer in love with the game and darts is no longer his priority.
Well at least he can take the weekend off  for the first European Tour seeing as he lost to John Bowles tonight and wont be qualifying.

Neither will Jamie Cave-in as he again jobbed and lost out, on his birthday.
Thorntons shit run continues as he joined Barney among the top players who failed to qualify, as did that cunt Gurney, but glad he missed out.
Seems like there is not a week that does not go by where that fat farmer cunt mitchell does not show himself up to be the retard he is.
This week boasting how he got salad from some grease house, who in their right minds orders salad from a takeaway ?
Fat obese cunt did not get that fat on salads, and was kissing the hole of some chav cunt on twitter cos the chav had a winmau dartboard in his tattoo,
What sort of deranged mental illness is that ?

The Isle of Man shit is on this weekend and already on friday Phantom of the Opera Glen durrant is knocked out of an event.
Thebrain dead carpenter Waites departed in the last 256, he wont be missed, the last 8 is like a who's who of jobbers.
Cameron Menzies v Geert De Vos
Kyle McKinstry v Jim Williams
Jamie Hughes v Martin Phillips
Gary Jobson v Scott Mitchell

Checkout the video release by Frontrunner TV, munters hitting a 7 in the "promo video"
 Jobber promo

In keeping with recent weeks I thought I post some feedback from the darts forums