Saturday, February 11, 2017

Is there no end in sight  (excuse the pun) to this streak  the telescope inspector is on.
Even I am feeling sorry for him. There are kids who have earned more pocket money in 2017 than Caven has earned, come to think of it has he actually earned anything. ?
He lost yet again today in his first match.
That is now 13 consecutive defeats, and a running total of 9 consecutive defeats in front of a camera.
Overall its 23 games since last summer on the trot where he has FAILED to reach the third round of a competition.
I wonder if he feels retarded yet for boasting about his income and challenging me to a match, or having his master...I mean wife spout the legal rubbish.

Speaking of cuckolded feminized former men, I see Houseboy a director in the EDO was posting on forums about the success so far of ticket sales for the British Internationals, so imagine my surprise when  I found out they sold ....drumroll......32 tickets. Yes..32. I am shocked, did not think they would sell that many considering its a shit event that no one really gives a flying fuck about, containing players simply not good enough to be ever seen on tv, even if its an obscure channel that no one will watch.

I was informed the scumbag Des Jacklin and the thing he has the misfortune of being married to showed their class yet again this week, this time with another facebook post aimed at me, or at least my mum who has lung cancer.
Bo Selecta and the waiter updated their profile pic in february 2017 with this pic seen here
Mocking Cancer
 Then they have a history of mocking those with cancer.

MVG hit 2 nine darters today in a match, and it will get all the attention but the whore loving hunchback again acted like a prick, when asked by the ref to stop walking towards the camera he ignored the ref and carried on, then had the audacity to moan after the match with the ref after he broke the rules.
Then nothing will happen with him, after all this primma donna cunt can get away with most shit, look at how he forced Klaasen out of the last World Cup.

If this was a lower player the DRA and that cunt Gardner would be all over him handing out fines like the fucking Nazi facists they are acting like. I am the first to praise the PDC for all the good they do, but when they get it wrong they deserve the criticism that comes with it.
I looked through some of the fines handed out this year by the DRA, players getting fined for not doing interviews, and players fined for swearing, so effectively a player who does not want to do an interview has to do it or face a fine.
When you force players who are not in the right frame of mind to do interviews against their will you have some fucking audacity to fine them when they then swear in said interview.
Imagine trying that shit in the pub, you go up to get your winnings and some cunt says, I am taking this much cos you swore, there would be an ambulance called in my local for the cunt.
Peter Dyos got a 4 month ban for calling the special olympics "divs" are they fucking serious ???
I am sure some liberal pc cunt will says they are the same as us and all that pc bullshit, but the fact is they are not, that is why they have their own olympics, cos they are divs.
Would Taylor or MVG got a 4 month ban if they had said it ? I seriously doubt it.

Then you have the PDC with retards like Mardle try to hype "needle" where it really does not exist, and then try gloss over the shit like Klaasen and MVG where the hunchback has genuine needle with Klaasen.
Watch the Premier League this week and watch how wonky eye dave and mardle pretend there is no problem when MVG and Klaasen play each other, or how Sky wont show the handshake, cos there wont be one, seeing as MVG dont like sexual deviants like Klaasen despite the fact MVG has visited prostitutes and has no problem shaking the hand of Phil Taylor who has a sexual offence on his record....anyone spot the hypocrisy ?

Had to laugh earlier today with a comment in that Scottish rag, The Daily Record who love that poisonous cunt Warty, they lick the arse of him like the Bouremouth Echo try fill their shit newspaper with stories of the self groping fat farmer Scott Mitchell.

Warty claimed to be proud of his performance in the Dutch open final....the cunt not only lost. but then celebrated on stage his defeat, he should have been ashamed, especially with a average in the 70s in the final, even the Munters averaged more than him.

Even funnier was the comment in the paper that his £2,000 win moves him closer to the top 10 in the one member on the busy TDF darts forum wrote "Says everything about the state of the BDO ".

A big shout out to the JOB Squad who are back to doing what they do better than anyone....jobbing.
 Appalling stuff from them.

Update :
I read this reply to this weeks Knob of the Week on a forum tonight and thought it was hilarious so added it for others to enjoy