Friday, February 17, 2017

Here is a guy whose bitterness and ignorance is only matched by his complete stupidity.
The same bitter cunt who came running for the PDC coin with hand out like a begging bastard quick as usual to have a dig.
This is what he wrote on twitter this week

Putting aside his hatred of the PDC, and seething over the tours they put on, he actually thinks county darts actually is a test of resilience.
I guess you must need some amount of determination and of course resilience to  to be able to turn up each week or whatever and associate with council house potbellied scum with criminal records in run down scum bars playing for nothing for the same scum that would as quick slap you, rob you  or slate you to someone else.
Even in the last century county darts were past it and still the BDO would have you believe this shit now only matters but is somehow a true test in world Darts.
The part I find the saddest and funniest is when the bdo commentators think people like me who live outside of the UK actually care about it when they harp on about Yawkshire and some other bomb sites of the north.
Most of the people in the UK dont even give a fuck about it so why anyone outside of the UK does is beyond me.

A released mental patient called Stephen Bonnets on twitter cried
"The youth tour is still at the end of the day just a part of the money making machine of Barry hearn. It's still our system that provides the future players of the pdc."

That poor cunt obviously too stupid to realize the tour does not run for a profit but to enhance the game for the future, then to most mushrooms they do not think that way.

Another moron called Carlo Vercammen from Belgium the home of Chocolate and Kiddy fiddling wrote:
"in belgium is happening the same and across europe too, youngsters are blinded by the money going around in pdc"

These people's bitterness knows no bounds, and thankfully it upsets them.
Then everything upsets these precious cunts. Eric Bristow had them eating out of his hand yet again this week when he said on Twitter after the Wright Ando match in the Premier League where the average were 106 and 109, that it was no wonder Melted Plastic Bag Face stayed in the BDO.
And sure enough,The hideous Durrant was replying in seconds, poor deformed bastard spends his life looking at twitter and forums seeing who might be mentioning him.
Take a look at what this inbred cunt wrote
Steve Fitzgerald ‏@stevefitz
@ericbristow Durrant doesnt have the wonderful life you do ordering takeaway from a pub. Where did his life go wrong you wanker.

I love how Bristows comments has them up in arms, and how they now disregard his 5 undisputed World titles, a sure sign of the anger and hatred that eats them up.

At least Tommy Thompson has a few marbles left rolling around in his stupid ponytailed head to admit the death of the BDO lies in the fault of the BDO board and not trying to blame the PDC for the fuck ups of the BDO.

Speaking of the Williams, see they are now awarding ranking points for the Lincolnshire Open, no doubt its all a coincidence the BDO disciplinary Officers own event gets the points, to help that fat vile looking thing he has to fuck get the chance to make Lakeshite seeing as she is not good enough to qualify like the rest of the munters.
The Selectas also were on social media saying how some 11 year old was playing Super League, as if this was a good thing, while only recently the kid Justin van Tergeouw was taken out of a mens event he was doing well in because " they wanted to protect him", odd how its now ok for an 11 year old to be hanging around pubs drinking with county scum,and the criminal element of Lincolnshire.

Other things this week was the Barney- Taylor post Premier League match interview.
It was fucking atrocious, not as bad as the Las Vegas speech Barney did a decade ago where his career died, seeing it was the last time he won a ranking major, but pretty damn close.
One post on a forum summed it up perfectly
Another mention for Fatpot Lewis, yes Wade did throw some super darts near the end, but not only would the Lewis of old maybe match it, but would have buried the poor start by Wade were Lewis the player he was.
What he is now is a joke and a jobber and only in the PL cos of his ranking which is dropping due to his appalling record lately.