Friday, February 24, 2017

The award this week goes to the Belgian cunt Huybrechts.
He tried to provoke Taylor with mind games and his celebrations he knew would piss off Taylor and then cried like a bitch at the end of a game he choked at winning.
Cried like a bitch when Taylor had the last laugh..actually laughs, as he firstnot only nicked a point to keep him joint top of the PL but had the gomey looking prick fuming in his post match interview by not getting the simpleton to sign the board.
Regardless of whether you like or dislike Taylor who himself is well known for mind games and his antics, it takes some colossal  dickhead to start shit with Taylor and then cry on tv watched around the world when your tactics did not work and you choked in the end.

Of course the PDC hating mushroom cunts were all over it  citing how Taylor is a criminal etc etc, whilst they ignored the newspaper story this week how Richie George the former Lakeshite semi finalist and criminal lost his job because of not one but 2 assaults. The mushrooms avoided mentioning this though.

A mention for Wade who nearly lost the plot at 5-1 up  and was lucky in the end to get the draw.

The mutant Scott Mitchell who seems to live on twitter these days trying to piggyback of the success of Snookers Welsh Open champion and tried to massage his own already over inflated ego,. by writing :
Scott Mitchell @scottydogdart Feb 20
@Stuart__Bingham congratulations buddy on your win this weekend, something else we done together, I'm current Welsh Ipen champ too !!!

Not sure what Ipen is, Mitchell is more at home in a fucking pig pen with the rest of his family.
Forget that the snooker player earned well over 10 times as much, people actually watch snooker unlike that shit in the bdo.

A post on the Darts forum in relation to the Taylor -v- Huybrechts match

And to finish up with....a pic using the ideas of another member on The Dart Forum