Friday, March 3, 2017

All year we hear the bdo scum knock the PDC about how the trebles are huge and never how the PDC players are great, but if the averages are low, then its the players fault.
So every year during the Grand Slam it gives the bdo jobbers the chance to prove how they can do better....despite the bdo having boards with segments even bigger, and each year the bdo jobber choke and get their arse handed to them.

The UK Open which started this weekend is another of these events where the jobbers of the BDO get a chance to  play against the PDC players.

Dave Parletti, a retarded cunt who claims he plays for honour and not money will be pleased he earned a grand total of zero this weekend.
Dean Reynolds took a hammering in front of his hordes of scummy fans and proved exactly why he shit himself at joining the PDC cos he knew he was not good enough.
Jeffrey de Graaf who is now a PDC player unfortunately, but won't amount to anything showed how years of playing Bob Potters run down hotel comp did him no favours when it comes to playing proper players.

What about that fat scouse supporting cunt who likes to leave his dad in a car park, the most successful BDO player since Barney ?  Bunting battered by a welsh shakin stevens tribute act taking time off from unblocking toilets.

And then there is Lakeshite seed Brian Doggy Dawson, who lost to superstar Paul Milford.
Former BDO #1s like Stuart Kellet and James Wilson continued the trend.

The only BDO representative to not be a fucking embarrassment was that gomey flid like simpleton Paul Hogan, who took advantage of a piss poor Anderson, then Ando's record at this venue is atrocious as he also lost here to Barry Lynn, Ron Meulenkamp, Merv King and Ian White, a list of nobodies who never won anything and never will.

Speaking of cunts who have never won anything, Chizzy and Krusty meet tomorrow so one is going through to the next round that is not only MVG free, but Mensur, Taylor, Wade, Ando free as well.
Krusty was first to start to get his excuses ready for when he fails and showed off his "sore leg", and am sure the closer he gets to the final his list of ailments will make Merv King look like the poster child for the magazine  Health and Fitness..

A mention for James Wade who not only missed doubles to win multiple legs in the PL, and blew his unbeaten record in the PL, but after leading Fatpot Lewis  3-0  with 2 breaks of throw , again missed multiple doubles and got deservedly beaten.

Bunting getting beaten now knocks him out of the top 20, odd cos a workshy pygmy in Rochdale maintains there are only 2 players in the world better than him, and noth of them (MVG & Taylot) were not even playing in the UK Open.

Hopefully Klaasen tomorrow puts Vincent van der Voort to the sword tomorrow, be great to see MVG's best friend get battered by Klaasen, and he can fuck off home and join MVG in comparing their back problems, maybe even bring Merv King along and have a group session.

On the subject of MVG, I have said for years that cunt would end up with back trouble due to his stance, probably pulled a muscle in bradford reaching into his wallet for 3 fivers.

Expect the Bournemouth newspaper to print a mundane story concerning Scott Mitchell tomorrow, as that fat cunt will need to have his ego fed tomorrow as the though of the PDC getting all the media publicity will piss them off, or he will take to twitter to try promote something shit he done.

Notice how he Spineless, Fitton and the others did not try enter the UK Open ?
Because they know they are not good enough, and only go to the GSoD cos the money on offer which makes them prostitutes who would sell out for a few quid.