Friday, February 3, 2017

Suck it up hog features and your leech waiter who has the misfortune of sharing a bed with you.
After months of the Selectas trying to tell anyone that would listen how I am not worth it, no one reads this blog and what I say does not matter they hired a private investigator ( seemingly) to try gather information on me.
So much for me not getting to them. The best part is if they ever do find out anything what will they do ? Thats right fuckall, its hilarious that a family with a history of threatening behavior, and wishing death on cancer sufferers are the ones upset with the truth I post.
Seems I am the bad guy, thats right me a person with no criminal record from a decent family that has no criminal records, never threatened anyone yet somehow I am painted as the bad one.....go figure.

I hope the slimey waiter cunt and his vile thing he married and the runts that constitute his family try sue me. I would have a field day showing the media the type of person the BDO disciplinary officer is and what sort of family he has, their convictions, their veiled threats etc, make more people aware of the types of scum in the BDO like Popcorn teeths frail cuckold husband and his tour of England visiting forum owners , ex con players and scottish dwarfs who make their threats , go fuck yerselves the lot of ye.

This blog aint going nowhere..

A few mentions this week, first up Jamie Cave-in....what a fucking jobber.
At least with my banning on one certain dying darts forum, I am not getting accused of causing his defeats, as the baldy jobber can lose in front of a camera quite well enough on his own with any encouragement of me.
For those counting that is 9 consecutive defeats on the trot in front of the camera, of which  the first 8 were first rounds, and todays loss was his first match and only match as he got a bye as a seed.
Also it is now 22 matches in a row where he has failed to get to a third round, which goes back to last summer. Oh yeah, the baldy telescope inspectors cunt of a wife is another who has said she would go to a solicitor cos she does not like the facts, good luck with that, with your husbands career earnings presently you should apply for free legal aid.

Next Up the EDO, ...their "huge news" was getting 2 events no one cares about on a channel no one knew about , that will be watched by no one.
Part of me initially thought fair play then upon further thought getting events on TV for no other reason than having them on tv serves no purpose, and if anything is counter productive because if the production is shit, the presentation shit, and we know already the darts will be shit, it will do more damage than good, and the kicker is the EDO are paying them seemingly.
Still it stopped houseboy ranting on and on about Deta for a few hours, and how she hits ton plus averages all the time except the time she happens to be in a comp and magically they somehow disappear quicker than warren brown on twitter.
When Deta's bitch does read this he will wet himself and think he has achieved something and then promote this blog for me even more on a forum where the bulk of members claim not to read it. he is so predictable.

As for this channel front runner, seems they are already showing the old episodes of the Indoor league, so when the EDO darts start I can imagine half the 14 people watching thinking what year is this from, and then them going into shock when they find out that its live.
When they see TT in his pony tail and blazer, houseboy like an Indian bride ten steps behind and a stage set up like something from the old tv show bullseye the viewers will think they are in a version of time tunnel.

I will give Tommy Thompson one bit of credit though, he has managed to piss of the BDO board which is always a good thing, and who knows maybe all the subs and money  the bdo rank and file pay to the BDO that Popcorn teeth used for "fact finding missions" like that one to Las Vegas and the filling of her husbands fuel tank so he could drive around the UK threatening people , maybe that money might go on solicitors to sue the EDO.
Oh wait,....the BDO already have solicitors, they too threatened to sue me as well.

Anyone sensing a pattern here ?

quick mentions for the following
Stephen Bunting who went out early again today....still laugh at the dwarf from rochdale who claimed  there was only 2 players in the world better than bunting.....mind you he also said Phil Taylor was the only difference between the codes.

That prick Justin pipe going out early is always a welcome sight, as is that welsh cunt Gerwyn Price.
Long may it continue.
And of course that dutch cunt MVG getting beat by Ritchie Edhouse, a wonderful result, made even better by Willie O Connor beating Edhouse.....yes that Willie O Connor that some moron on the betfair forum tried to claim was me. ...another forum I am not a member of but have threads on there devoted to me.

Time to stop writing since I was told no one reads this blog, and the thousands of visitors I get each week all got here by accident and left right away....

PS. Congrats to Tony Martin (yes he is a good lad) and his wife Anastasia on the birth of their child, and born on my birthday too. sure you dont call him Justin