Friday, January 27, 2017

Jesus christ, can the BDO go a single week without a complete fuck up ?
They released this statement this week concerning 2 proposed events, events that were previously hyped to players in order to stop them attending PDCQ-school

"It is regrettable that owing to contractual issues the British Darts Organisation has to announce today the removal of the following two events from the 2017 BDO Calendar
“The BDO Shownights European Open & The BDO Shownights European classic”. These events were scheduled to be held on the weekend of July 28th – 30th 2017. We apologise to our members if the removal of these tournaments from the calendar causes any inconvenience."

I love the use of the word "regrettable" , or how they "apologise" like they really give a flying shit.
Needless to say the usual murmurs and stirrings among certain people in the bdo started.

One of the posts that followed on social media

The stupid retarded cunt fans now whining  as if we should feel sorry for them.
These same cunts are the ones when they had the opportunity to rid themselves of the cancer in the bdo, old popcorn teeth and her cunt husband they did nothing.
These morons are getting exactly what they deserve.
I liked the fact that in another week where the BDO continues to disintegrate the PDC launched  their new monthly magazine TV show, which is like a kick in the hole to these mushroom cunts.

The promoter of these shownight events wrote on Facebook
 "I'm absolutely gutted to say after all the hard work, financial burden and heartache I went through standing by the board and doing what I thought was best for BDO darts. After being begged in many phone calls from Sue and Wayne Williams to keep the European Darts Weekend last year going because they thought if I pulled it last year after the Deluxe Fiasco, it would be the final nail in the BDO's Coffin. I had many a phone call with Wayne Williams with me questioning to cancel lasts years event due to the lack of confidence in the BDO system, but he said it wasn't an option to cancel.
Wayne Williams told me the BDO would pay any shortfall, and it had to go ahead.
There was also massive losses due to aggressive social media promotion and signage costs etc, that I was hit with due to Deluxe Billingsgate Fiasco but I personally covered this and also paid back all tickets that was sold via the Shownights platforms back in February.
I feel they have used me for there own personal Benefit,
It was in the diary for over a year, with £17k worth of sponsorship so far.

So the event was in a far better place than ever before.
But in the last 4 weeks they added an additional burden of a £10,000 sanction fee and £12180.00 set up costs, insisted on the prize fund to be paid up front and all income from entry fees go direct to the BDO.
And they wouldn't answer my questions to how and when the new sanction came in to play and if other promoters or organisations would be also getting this ridiculous sanction fee added to there events
I asked for a breakdown of the additional £12180.00 costs but that never even came across even though the figure was very specific."

I laughed at Sue the Gashs pleading how it could be the final nail in their coffin, yet the stupid cow demands thousands from this promoter, or more likely Popcorn teeth was told to demand the thousands by the new Warren Brown, I mean Sportotal  who think they can cream some of that along the way.

I want Sue the Gash and the cuckold husband to stay on and continue to provide laughs for us all for months and years to come., and the reality is it would be a surprise if those moaning now ever do anything to replace them, they will have their little cries on facebook before bending over and accepting it.

Still it was not all bad news on that side of the divide seemingly as Deta Hedman's feminized houseboy and EDO official spouted how the EDO had a huge announcement coming this Friday ironically a day the bdo usually post their announcements of an announcement about events that never materialize.

And the announcement came, and the huge was

How fucking shit is that.
An event that no one gives a fiddlers fuck about.I know houseboy is unstable but seems dementia has truly set in with Tommy Thompson if he thinks this reminder of some shit comp constitutes huge news.

I was going to write a whole list of other stuff, but after watching the PDC darts tonight, the thought of spending any more time dwelling on the shit that is the bdo annoyed me to the point I am ending the post now.