Friday, January 20, 2017

Had started to write some parts of this earlier in the week, when this little geebag ran his mouth yet again on darts. Remember this is the cunt who was suppose to make his "chilling" decision after lakeshite ....which in his case always just constitute one match before he is turfed out on his ear, so instead of retiring and doing everyone a favor he has started on his new rant which is to boycott Potters Dump, becuse there are so many top class venues only lining up to show that bdo shit.
So instead of me writing my opinion on the fucker I thought I would use the words of someone else who put it very eloquently in a hilarious and concise way.

Tom Thumb impersonator, Scottish international and all round miniature shitehawk Warty Montgomery will take some beating for this week's award.
The king of the delete button over on BDO fanatics (a site that implements immediate & permanent bans if any members are caught using soap) has had the audacity to berate Potter on line this week because the Piss riddled old cunts ramshackled hotel is dropping to fucking bits.
YES the very same dementia blighted octogenarian with the new choppers he stole from Janet Street Porter who let's Sue the Gash & the Selectas decend on his hovel whenever it suits the BDO'S very own waste of fucking bone marrow.
Cuntgommery also appeared in this week's favourite jock bog roll the Daily Record to bang the drum on how he was happy to collapse like the bellows of a broken accordion against wet pubic hair head Richard Veenstra because his opponent had needed to play world class darts to beat him.
Aye a earth shattering 91.47 was needed to hold off warty who left the treble twenty looking brand new with his 86.25, the poisonous little cunt with a chip on his shoulder bigger than him couldn't hit porcelain if he was sat on the fuckin toilet.
I fuckin hope warty and the rest of the travel club spastics do a Viola Beach and drop off the end of a fuckin bridge somewhere in the forgotten bowels of eastern Europe, they won't be missed.

The best news to come out of the ashes of Lakeshite this week was the news that Hiroshima Head, Glen Durrant would not being going to Q-school.
The thought of that cunt on PDC TV on a regular basis would have been a sickening prospect, even if it was only for a few short months till he took a few hammering, his confidence shot to shit, and ends up jobbing week in week out.
And before anyone of ye think that could not happen, look at the results from Q-School, former bdo #1 Stuart Kellet getting the brush of Ryan Harrington, can it seriously get any worse that that.
Johnboy Walton could not win a game on the challenge tour, never mind the main tour
Remind me again how did buck toothed cross dressing alcoholic criminal Les Wallace goet on in the PDC, or that obese sack of human faeces Fordham,
Hankeys performances were hilarious before he left and the PDC players were able to breath properly again. Richie Burnett jobbing in Q-School.
Phantom of the opera Durrant made the right decision, as the most mentally fragile player I have ever seen in almost 40 years of darts would be mindfucked within a month of the PDC.
This is a guy who had to use the death of someone 8 years ago to motivate himself for a semi final, and then said thankfully, as if he was delighted someone was dead.
Mucksavage cunt

Thankfully we wont probably see Melted Plastic Bag Face on TV for at least 6 months, in fact the next time they could be on tv could be the Grand Slam when they come begging cap in hand for the PDC coin and their yearly beatings..

Notice how as soon as Q-school was closed for entries the bdo have been silent, as there is no need to bullshit the players with promises they wont ever keep.
Bet the cobwebbed cunted Popcorn teeth considers this a success.

I am still waiting for the SAS to extract me to the UK to face charges what with all the people claiming to bring legal action.
The Cave-ins,the Williams and the Selecta's must have hired Lionel Hutz.
I am also waiting for them to reveal who i am, the suspense is killing me.

A mention for the maniacal Lee Hayes. This guy is comedy gold.
He was the 10th winner of Knob of the Week back in September 2012 and has never been out of the news for long....for all the wrong reasons.
So when he signed up for Q-school you just knew something was bound to happen , and sure enough.
He wrote this
"As every body knows on here I have scrimped and scraped to get the money to play Q school to which a family member was very kind to lend me 55 minutes Before dead line.... To which I was over the moon with what i have gone through and the stress. So today I played well but got beat 5-4 thinking it was first to 6 legs and it was first to 5 hahaha anyway as I have a autistic son and kids to look after I got a text off my daughter to ask am I picking her up from HE football practice and as I replied yes I will the security staff called me over and took me to the main desk as all INTERNET devices are banned from in the hall unless listening to music. Anyway I went to speak to the security and was told not to do what I done and I explained the it was my daughter and I needed to reply and I was then violently escorted out of the building to the degree one of the guards tried
Twisting my darting arm. As I pushed him away I was told to calm down to which I was calm I have then been suspended from anymore events in the Pdc. I have contacted the players representatives and they have contacted the DRA. I have this second got a call from the DRA to say I have to email them to appeal so I will miss Q school anyway. I have no choice but to file assault charges on the 2 security guards and sue the Pdc and Pdpa for the stress embarrassment and hassle that they have caused today"
Saw a lot of stuff on forums over the past week, some of the hilarious ones were the comments of Deta Hedmans houseboy who would have you believe all the things trying to pass themselves off as women all hit huge averages. All he was short was actually coming out and saying "pressure of the stage". With the exception of Ashton, the rest need to be fucking ashamed of themselves.
The truth is even as bad as the mens game is, that munters shit drags it down even further.
The munters know without the mens competition no one in their right mind would pay to attend that shit or watch a womens only event.
The BDO are struggling to get fans for the mens game outside of Lakeshite.
Speaking of which I saw one guy on a forum suggest the BDO buy Lakeshite...I shit you not.
The could not afford to hire venues in the past, let alone buy a rundown hotel on prime real estate worth millions.

Now that Lakeshite is done for another year, no bdo shit for months and pretty soon it will be constant PDC darts in the Masters, Players tour, World Cup and the Premier League , expect the usual bitterness from the mushrooms.

The moans about how the PDC world cup is not official, what with the WDF being so important, and having such a global presence.
How the Premier League  with gates of up to Ten Thousand PAYING fans, are not real fans.
The bdo fans who dont attend events are seemingly the "real fans"
Moans about Q-School, and how all these players are unknown.........but they also complain if its the same 32 players in the PDC as well.
How dare these people pay money to enter Q-school, and how dare Uncle Barry take the money.
The "leisure center" moans will be starting ...yep those floor championships where the winner of a single floor comp can make around 4 times the money someone in the bdo gets for winning the finders masters , and they call that a major.

On the issue of the Lakeshite final, it was the lowest viewing figures ever.
I am sure the mushrooms will try spin that as well.
After a week of watching lakeshite and the worst jobbers and chokers in history,  the PDC Masters next week cannot start quick enough.