Friday, January 13, 2017

Where do I start ?
I don't think I ever had so many candidates in one single week.

Scott Mitchell : This fat prick has become one of the biggest assholes on that side of divide.
He has no sense of awareness, and the mouthing off he has been doing for weeks on end have seen his complaint get steadily worse and worse.
This is the self groping public exhibitionist who spent weeks on twitter criticizing the PDC fans on how they dress up and don't watch the darts, but says nothing when it happens in the BDO.
Quick to highlight the "faults" of the PDC but he is quick to make a beggar of himself and come running for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam for his annual battering.

This week he reach a new level of retardation, when he claimed in an interview in the Bournemouth Echo
"If our guys had 25 goes a year on telly then we would be doing 100 averages because we would be more used to the situation "
The thick fat cunt from a family of fat cunts thinks dedication, talent, ability, bottle, mental strength etc play no part in anything, as if any muppet walking the street could average a 100 if he was handed 3 darts and flung on the stage 25 times.

Needless to say I was delighted to see him lose to Geert de Vos,since the Lakeshite scum really hate Johnny foreigner coming to Lakeshite and upsetting the "family" on their yearly piss up.
Then there is that simpleton, Phantom of the opera and Simon Weston tribute act Melted Plastic Bag Face  who claimed someone would need a 100 plus average to beat him.
If that simple, stuttering and stammering sack of shit Paul Hogan had not shit himself at 3-0 up in sets and 2-0 up in legs Fire Damage features Durrant would have went out to a 93 average.
Hogan shat himself so much the stage must have smelled as bad as the rooms in that dump of a hotel.
By the time the worst choking on that stage ever finished we had wonky eye pointing and squinting at the camera before grabbing his shirt and pointing at the Middlesboro badge.
Why exactly he was doing this is beyond me, then I guess you need to be some sort of primitive moron from that north east dump to get how a badge of a football club would be a factor in anything.
It is really pathetic and sad that a grown man would have to affiliate himself with some football club to make his own dour existence seem more important and make himself feel he is part of something of fill some sense of belonging like a lost sheep trying to fit in and be accepted.

Tony O Shea turned up this year to do his annual bottling exhibition but he is so bad these days its not like he has a lead to blow. He was battered by a queer looking taffy 3-0 in a repeat of last years match.I enjoyed the comms trying to come up with excuses for his average in the 70s.
At this Rate O Shea, or the "Stockport wonderkid" as Tony Green once called him a couple of years ago will be up there with that poisonous little wart infested dwarf from Scotland in terms of first round jobbing.
Always pleasing to see the midget fucker for haggisland battered each year, as he laughed and giggled his way to defeat. I laughed more, as did Tommy Cox of the PDC and countless others around the world.
Almost every single player in the entire Lakeshite is a choker, jobber or over rated pub player.That fat thing Anca Zilstra who the ref called "hankey" in a hilarious moment lost every leg of her match to a person averaging in the 70s.
Only in the bdo can a person whitewash their opponent with an average in the 70s in the last 16 of a so called "World Pro"

Then there was the Dean Reynolds army of fatties and faggots supporting the simple looking fist pumping taffy, who showed he is up there with Paul hogan, Warty and Toplad the Stockport wonderkid in the choking department.He gave it all the gurning and fist pumping as if he was some MVG before shitting himself and skulking off the stage a loser with an average in the 70s

Then there is the female queen of choking, and Deta wins this hands down, its the only thing she will ever win at Lakeshite, and when factor in that Aussie munter Hammond has reached the "world final" without ever averaging more than 72....yes SEVENTY TWO.

We all know there has to be losers but fuck me the choking has been something atrocious.
Jim Williams was a joke, Jeff Smith a glorified jobber, don't even get me started on some of those freaks that call themselves "ladies".

The comms all week trying to tell us how this is sport, while a 61 year old cancer sufferer and a 9 month pregnant woman wobbled about the stage. it was almost as surreal as Paul Nicholson saying the lakeshite has a great health and safety record, I am still laughing at that one.

Lovely to see that Spineless the parasite the man who sold his principles for the PDC coin get bowled out, whilst putting on his fake laugh., and  I just finished watching Mr Potato head ,Zika from the Dales. Scott the Carpenter get fucked out by Danny Noppert.
We wont have to put up with the deformed headed cunt coming on the balcony pissed asking bobby George if he pulls his chain will he flush.
I am sure he can find some carpentry work at Potter shack, as with the usual Warty first round defeat there must be some doors need fixing.
Waites , ever the bitter cunt said in his post match interview he did not believe the best man won and it was 50/50. I dont know what deluded world that spastic inhabits.
The crowd were silent as well, a nice bonus seeing the foreign lad win, as those bdo scum, EDL, National front loving UKIP type dole scum hate the foreigners.

Cannot leave without mentioned the comms.
Paul Nicholson has been truly abysmal, he is like the new Tony Green.
He said Warty was one of the most under rated players in the world,Melted Plastic Bag face with his 91 comp average was the #1 player IN THE WORLD, said Lakeshite had a great Health and Safety record, and countless other retarded statements.
Amazing what some would do for money.
Then this is the bdo where everyone is a hypocrite for a few quid, remember spineless rushing to take the PDC coin despite saying he wanted nothing to do with Hearn ?
so when it comes to hypocrites look no further than ex con Chris Mason., a cunt who months ago got offended by me mocking the bdo, involved himself in something that had nothing to do with him and acted like he was personally offended and issued threats to me.
The cunt is still making them and false accusations, and he better hope his employers don't find out, although the insecure twat will probably blame me for that too as his scum behavior will no doubt be my fault as well.
I can only imagine his intial sulking was at the time he went crawling for the job with the bdo/bt
Here is a guy that spent a long time slating and mocking the BDO and now whoring himself out for a few quid.
Check out his comments slating the BDO here  in this clip
Mason bashing the BDO
and now look at him sucking up.

So semi finals tomorrow and final of the munters comp.
May as well hand Ashton the munters title, as her opponent will be happy to have made enough to cover her bar bill and flights home.
That wench made the final with a comp average of around 72....SEVETY FUCKING TWO...which is equal to 62 on a smaller unicorn board..

Hopefully Noppert continues his run, takes out another fat English glorified county player in Fitton and pisses of the pleb in surreys open zoo and makes plans to donate most of his winnings to Uncle Barry in entry fees for the PDC circuit....that would be sweet.

In the other joke of a match passing itself off as a "world pro" semi final we has the British inbred national championships between Hughes and Durrant who combined, know 21 letters of the English alphabet,  and both share a love of making up their own language and words and have a combined IQ of 27
The only good thing about this would be if Fireball victim won, and along with Noppert he too fucked off to the PDC with his winnings and filled the coffers of Uncle Barry.
He could be the new Justin Pipe.
As of the time of writing this there still has not been a single 100 plus average despite them playing on toyboards that adds ten points minimum to the averages.
In fact there has only been 4 x 95 plus averages in the ENTIRE comp,

PDC 100 plus Averages : 26
BDO 100 plus Averages : 0
PDC 95 plus Averages : 53
BDO 95 plus Averages 4

If anyone wanted to read the entire summary of Lakeshite 2017 and its complete list of fuck up check out this hilarious thread, well worth a read.
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