Friday, January 6, 2017

No surprise the scumbag Selecta's would win it this week.
you would think on the eve of the biggest bdo event of the year, its disciplinary officer, his vile looking wife, the simple mushrooms and even the bdo #1 ranked player Phantom of the opera, Glen Durrant would have better things to be doing, but alas it appears not.
They spent this week on facebook trying to not only guess my name, but that off my wife and even my the way, they got both names wrong.
Well my mum is a pensioner who has been diagnosed with cancer, which is just the type the jacklins love to insult and abuse, suspect the "hope your treatment does not work" line will appear soon seeing as they have history for that like when they said that to Tommy Thompson of the EDO.

Even thought I have never threatened anyone, or called to anyones home or threatened to sort people out  it seems I am a keyboard warrior, but the scumbag jacklins who threaten people and try to intimidate others are the victims....imagine that.Hypocrisy another thing these scuts cannot comprehend.

The funniest part is when Bo Selecta said they would name and shame me, as if I am somehow ashamed of my blog, quite the opposite in fact , so much so all my family and friends know I write this as I am always promoting it, why exactly I would be ashamed  is puzzling, still the Selecta's are not the brightest people.
They went from telling their minions to ignore me, to now spending their daily lives discussing me and making this site even busier to where views are at an all time high.
I showed not just my wife but my friends also how much i can get to these people, and the main response was "whats wrong with these people, are they retarded ?" seemed to be the main theme among them when viewing the selecta, Melted Plastic Bag Face and that poisonous little dwarf from scotland.

It was pointed out to me also that Warty had a hammer smiley on the end of one of his posts.I am not sure what the hammer represented. Was it
A. The dwarfcunt making a veiled threat , that he could never be able to carry out
B. Laughing as some innocent person who was assaulted , which shows how much of a cunt warty is
C. Its a tribute to Chris Mason. (suspect this will be lost on some)

The thought of Warty acting like a tough guy is hilarious, it would be like getting threatened by Papa Smurf.
Then again I am not alone on my opinion of Warty, a poll on a Darts forum asking who is the biggest utter cunt at Lakeshite this year is being won by Warty.....and hardly a surprise.
Poll is here
Biggest Utter cunt playing at Lakeshite

 Among the other rumours flying about is they are going to the police cos a person in Ireland is hurting their feelings.
Well good luck with that,
Also stories they hired a professional hacker and private investigator.If true they should get their money back as the names and details they provided were wrong.
Also seems I have a protection team....yes thats right, turns out I have 2 people "protecting me".
I can only suspect these 2 people arepeople I have met from the forums.
Now 2 lads who have done nothing but meet me for a few drinks are getting grief, one of them also happened to be the same guy that was accused of being me by that cunt Cave-in and his cunt wife.
Wonder how their legal case against me is going.

The fun of Lakeshite has already begun, am looking forward to the annual warty first round defeat, which should bring a smile to the face of not just Tommy Cox but decent people everywhere.
Already the mushrooms on forums are crying to moderators to stop people who might laugh at the bdo. I see sites like Joe, Paddy Power etc are all taking the piss out of Lakeshite and bdo fans crying  how they are canceling accounts with Paddy Power.
The crying and meltdowns on twitter by bdo fans "personally offended" is a particular joy to read.
Earlier today I saw an image of the stage set up.....holy christ, it looks like something designed and built by a brummie down syndrome who had to many e numbers.
Look at the fucking state of this

Not sure if its even a surprise any more but yet again Scott Mitchell has taken to twitter to moan about the PDC, odd how he has so many issues with them, complains about not enough events in the south of England, but has not problem driving north for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam, fat self groping cunt has as much principle as that cunt Spineless the Parasite Adams

As I normally do on forums I give members the chance to make nominations for Knob of the Week and for the upcoming and inaugural Knob of the Year Award.
One of the nominations for this weeks Knob of the Week was this quote
"Daphne van Gerwen for entering a breeding programme with a whore poking alopecia blighted troglodyte dug from some peat bog in Denmark with an arse that big if he was wearing Cyril Smiths trousers the cunt would still look like Max Wall"
I must admit I found it hilarious, and not sure if the Denmark part was deliberate or not.
I personally have no issue with her, seems a lovely girl, cannot be easy married to that baldy prick, still now she is pregnant she can get even more money out of the cunt when she eventually leaves the brasser loving cunt, before she could get some sexual disease.