Friday, December 30, 2016

Another award for Queen Rancid the first.
This dozy cow might have surpassed herself this time in the "most useless announcement ever" category.
The announcement this week that the BDO have gone in to partnership with some shower of gangsters called Sportotal was this weeks comedy update.A brief look at this crowd shows that the director of this highly dubious company is amazingly the very same guy who was head of BDO Events.the same BDO events who lost hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to put on 2 events for the scum of the BDO.
I wonder if the BDO only hired these cunts who have done nothing else ever out of either some distorted sense of  guilt or stupidity, although possibly both.
It seems this Sortotal is not a new company either but formerly HomephsioLtd, which was insolvent.
Whats that you era part 2 ?

Nonsense, the BDO would never make up stuff and lie to their players on the eve of the PDC Q-school....oh wait....
I see the fish finger championship has eventually and quietly been removed from the BDO website, maybe no one noticed it was on there for the last fucking year !!!

I am giggling like a cunt here thinking what a clusterfuck this Lakeshite will be like, and seeing the gulf between the PDC world champs and the January Jobber Jamboree Junk.

Other cunts who deserve a mention

Wayne Mardle : The amount of faeces spewed out of that cunts linguistic orifice during the Greatest Show on Earth was more sickening than the watered down pints at Bob Potters cattle market in surrey. A cunt that won nothing of note in his entire life told Kim Huybrechts, another cunt who won nothing of note in his life to get in the face of Taylor , and the Belgian prick listened to him, and got fucked over.
Belgian cunt deserved it  for being a thick cunt and listening to him.
Mardles predictions were atrocious, and his knowledge for a so called pundit is non existent.I did enjoy Taylor having a bitchy hissyfit and make Mardle squirm.
Mardles mouth reminds me of the trap at greyhound racing, the minute it opens my dogs hook it, even they cannot stand the sound of him.

Mark Dudbridge : Seems Dudbridge was fucked out early, and whilst it was always gonna be tough to replace Bristow, we have to be honest Dudridge was as interesting as a John Gwynne story about 2 brothers in Yorkshire in 1973 - he won't be missed.

Tony Green : In an amazing coincidence, (something that happens a lot in the BDO) that geriatric cunt has decided to hang up the microphone, pity he did not hang himself the cunt.
The amazing part was his "retirement" came AFTER Channel 4 decided that they did not want him. and too rub it in more Channel 4 hired a current PDC player in Paul Nicholson to do the job.
wonder if the cunt will do a Fatz and die a bitter hateful cunt....seeing as he lived the rest of his life that way.

Dave Clarke  : One annoying prick, wish the elongated Michael J Fox would take his Andy Jenkins tribute eye and his rattling carcass off to some retirement home and get the fuck of my screen.
His apologies over Taylor saying shit pissed me off and his looking at the camera with a red face like a down syndrome cunt embarrassed at shitting in his pants had me wanting to bury my tv in the upper half of my christmas tree.

Daryl Gurney; Utter Asshole, Rat Bastard, Sulky prick, Hun Cunt, , when I am wanting MVG to win against him you know how much of a prick he is.

Scott Mitchell : Yes that self groping mountain of cowshit , who was whining yet again on twitter during the magnificent Ando and Chizzy quarterfinal.
He was moaning about the fans not watching the darts, while forgetting if he was watching them he was not watching the darts either.

Had a look on one quiet darts forum that has only 3 regular posters, a potbelly chav, a scottish simpleton who wishes he was born 80 years sooner so he could have joined the nazi party and a dwarf snooker player without an opponent  and saw someone complain about the PDC.
Their crime ? Putting ando and Chizzy on during the day,  and while that could be a valid argument which I agree myself with the same cunt  was only using the brilliance of that afternoon game to have a go at the PDC in general., cos if the Ando -Chizzy game had been shit, then the PDC are cunts argument would crop up again.
The term scraping the barrel has never been more apt this week for the bitter bdo mushrooms scurrying about looking for excuses and reasons to try find fault., which if I am honest does make me smile knowing how much the success of the PDC gets to them, and these same mushrooms are watching every single moment of this PDC Worlds.