Friday, December 2, 2016

I thought the BDO had hit rock bottom and nothing they could do would make their atrocious product look any worse.
Well I was wrong, and you got to give it to the BDO, that takes some doing considering how appalling things were to begin with.
What I saw of this last 32 in what is described as "darts oldest major" was nothing short of embarrassing.It was possibly the worst last 32 of any event I have ever seen on tv in almost 4 decades of darts, only the 1994 Lakeshite can come close to it, and its a toss up which was worse.
Think I will do a poll for this and ask the members on The Darts Forum
It was abysmal on every single level bar the comedy which was unintentional.
The presentation was deplorable, I cannot see how even this channel will want the darts back , Dave,tv must be relieved they got out when they did.
Turned this shit on at the ending of the Martin Phillips match where he was jobbing to some useless dutch cunt, and it was like it was filmed in wonka vision, it was so orange and warped I was expecting oompa loompas to appear at any minute.The nearest we got was little Richard who looked ashamed to be there.
The few dolescum that managed to turn up were humped in to little clusters and shoved to the front and the lights turned down low to try mask the empty hall.

The first walk on with Medallion boy ( sans glove) and household name Raymond Smith was like a flashback to a bad paper sun episode which had me thinking "what the fuck".
The sound and audio was like a ringtone going off in some fat cunts back pocket played over a megaphone with almost wasted batteries.
I will admit I found the thing funny the longer it went on
The commentary team were so shit it made assholes like Mardle and John Gwynne seem ok.
My favorite comments during this game was when the Aussie jobber has 124 left and after hitting 20 the comms said he can't finish now.
Then again this is the BDO how often can any player take out 104 in 2 darts.
Comms said Harms was excellent......yep, his 88 average was excellent, considering what was to come is was slightly prophetic.

32 players played and only 5 of them managed to get an average over 90
only 2 players averaged over 91, and one of them lost.
there was SEVEN who averaged in the seventies, and the comms said these were the best players assembled....they actually had the gall to spout that shit.
Some other beauties today was when the Carpenter was 2-0 up in sets, 1-0 up in legs and romping to a 3-0 win and comms said "at the moment Waites looks favorite" shit.
Or when  Geert de Vos who was also 2-0 up in sets, and 1-0 up in legs and comms said "relentless pressure from De Vos"
The Belgian fuckwad was averaging 81 at the time.
 Also on the De Vos game, that first leg was possibly the worst start to a match I ever witnessed.
The first 11 throws (33 darts) saw the following scores in succession
40, 25, 60, 43, 24 , 41, 41, 60, 41, 38, 38.

They also were mentioning how Meaney was captain of the Republic of Ireland while the graphics on the screen had the Northern Ireland flag next to his name.
This is beyond laziness and amateur levels,

  Its a bad state of affairs when internet streams, winmau and their facebook  streams are crashing but when the TV station itself is riddled with problems, pixelated screens, transmission breaks etc.
Just to rub it in, every time the channel went down and they played adverts to fill the time,  which were adverts advertising the very comp that was now fucked up, with quotes like "One of the greatest occasions in darts" being repeated over and over.

Sky TV must be shitting themselves at this powerhouse of BDO and Premier

Another great moment was seeing Cork man and sound bloke John O Shea beat that bearded prick Adams, and said yesterday on the Darts forum he had a great chance of doing it,
O Shea even threw shit, an average in the 70s and still won, I owe john a few pints when I see him.

Still I am sure Jeff Smith who travelled from Canada for the 250 quid he earned will see it as a great
Raymond smith traveled even further for the pitiful 250 quid, then he is Australian so no surprise he is retarded.

The fat vile looking munter whores who laughingly refer to themselves as "ladies" turn up tomorrow, so that promises to be another session of pure shit.

The BDO, the comedy gift that keeps on giving.
You just know Matt Porter, Barry Hearn, Tommy Cox, Eric Bristow, and a host of others will have laughed their bollix off at this clusterfuck of an event.
Seeing the bdo fans on forums trying to defend this shit has also been hilarious, them muppets spouting the same shit over and over in the hope of convincing themselves at least.....and failing.

To see the worlds longest running "major" reduced to this calamity is indicative of how bad things are in the BDO. What is even sadder for those retarded enough to support the bdo is it looks like things wont get better.
No fucking chance in Hell will Premier sports be dealing with the BDO again, Channel 4 will dump them after Lakeshite and the fans the retarded cunts they are and the counties will whine, moan and complain and when the time comes to do something about the entire board and directors, wont do a fucking thing, so fuck them all as they are getting exactly what they deserve.

I hope whoever wins this , says in the winning speech he is using the money for Q-school to piss of a load of people.
The demands like last year will start again how the player should give back the money.

Also a mention this week for that fat farmer cunt Mitchell who is always fondling and interfering with himself. Like Daryl Fitton another cunt who moans about PDC players in BDO events but quick enough to take the PDC coin himself.