Friday, November 25, 2016

It was always gonna happen, you just knew the jobbing fucking was gonna keep his abysmal record going.

Todays defeat was his first comp since losing 5 times in  8 days in the first round stage.
In total its not 7 consecutive first round defeats in PDC competitions.
In fact he has failed to reach the third round of any comp for 20 games now, losing in either first or second rounds, and even prelims.
I wonder if he is gonna boast about his earnings now, seeing as he must be spending far far more than what he is earning.
Noticed he aint challenging me to a darts match either, maybe worried I would beat him as well.

The funniest part of all this are some moderators on a dying forum who lock threads mentioning these stats as they want to see the baldy diabetic jobber prick return to the forum.

Wonder if his wife has apologized to those she mistakenly accused of being me, one innocent lad in particular who this week also had those scumbag inbred cunts the selectas on his case.

That queer waiter married to that fucking heifer cunt and their feral inbred deformed scum bag  adult offspring have not only abused the innocent guy on facebook and make serious false claims against him, but they posted pictures of his kids.I can see ending badly for some racist prick in Lincolnshire.
And they try act like they are the victim.
Even if in their inbred uneducated autistic retarded they were correct in guessing said innocent person was me, how does posting pic of his kids validate their victim mentality complex.

The Selecta Jacklins go around acting like they are important as if the queer ex waiter who has to share a bed with that vile fucking thing is some sort of streetfighter, where they can go around abusing people, threaten to assault people, posting pics of their kids, making criminal allegations,wishing those who suffer from cancer die, etc, and then cry like a 2 faced wimpy pricks when people give them shit back, suddenly they are the "victims".

I read on forums this week that one them made some more vile posts on facebook and a lot of people in the bdo were angered by the screenshot of what was going around, like Des Selecta who is going to be on the disciplinary board will have to deal with his own family.
Wonder how that will go...probably swept under the carpet as usual.
The BDO, the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

to be cont.....