Saturday, December 10, 2016

Earlier today I had this rough draft of Knob of the Week wrote up, where I carry on the report of last weekends "Masters", the worst televised comp I have ever seem in almost 4 decades of  watching darts.
Despite throwing on the new blade board with absolutely gigantic trebles that dwarf the Unicorn board the averages continued all weekend to be appalling, the fuck ups by the refs, the shoddy TV coverage or lack off at times, the 3 quarter empty Lakeshite hall etc and how nothing could ever be this bad.

Seem I was wrong, tonight's Cider Can Masters , actually managed to equal last Fridays Masters in terms of atrocious standard.
At the halfway point tonight a pregnant slow moving woman had put in the best performance by that point and she was nowhere near the 90 average.
That Welsh faggot looking taffy prick Williams match against curlybollocks Veenstra had I think one leg under 20 darts, that's how shit it was. and contributed to Williams winning Knob of the Week.

The stream was admittedly very good quality when it was working, sadly , as it showed what looked like cancerous lumps all over the head of the Yorkshire carpenter...who lost yet again to some Belgian jobber which delighted the Dutch pricks who then interviewed that simpleton Jackie the Belgian, yes, that irritating old cunt who should be sedated and used for medical experiments.
This is the nearest this side of darts gets to a celebrity, not counting that fat old cunt from Eastenders who turns every year at Lakeshite and makes Tony Green wet himself as he thinks he is a global superstar.

Tony O Shea did his usual choke job first round, a man with a walk on song more popular than he is.

You got to laugh at little Richard who does his best, bless him, to big up these useless cunts.
I laughed out loud at the introduction of Martin Atkins
"ladies and gentlemen the Antwerp open finalist "
A fat lump of shit who must be nearly 60 with a bigger belly than Anastasia and a haircut a mongo would not wear. He was playing that poisonous cunt Warty, it was like being back in 1994.
You had to admire how Atkins rolled back the years at times to pull out 19 darters on his throw when he needed them most., but the relentless pressure from Warty and those 20 odd dart legs finally won it in the end for Warty. Who knows maybe at Lakeshite 2017 Atkins can get his revenge.
Lakeshite and 2017 promises to be something really special at Bob Potters last chance Saloon.

The averages were hidden all night except for one match after one leg when it was a good leg to start the match, when the quality disappeared so did the averages.....a coincidence obviously..

On the plus side, a whole weekend of this shit will be the ideal preparation for the PDC prelims and first round in the true World championships., the PDC event will seem even better after watching this wdf horseshit.

A special mention yet again for that welsh queer looking cunt Williams who this week proved why he is a total fucking loser by saying how he did not mind losing in the Masters to his friend.
Good losers are....wait for it...fucking losers.....ya fuckin Knob.
What sort of mentality is that to have ?
Another prize prick is that Parletti who basically was rimming Darryl Fitton on twitter saying how it was a pleasure to play and lose to him, sickening.
Then what do you expect from an inbred retarded cunt who went arpound with a huge bdo logo on his shirt.

On bdo fanatics one of its mentally deficient members wrote in his pigeon English how he felt he was poisoned by the watered down beer at Potters hovel.
He also complained how you wont get the PDC players in the nearby pub in their shirts like you do in the BDO.
I wonder why this is, maybe its because the PDC players are more professional.
This moron probably expects the football players of his premier league club to fall out of bars still dressed in the kit and boots as BDO players hogging the bar getting sloshed while still wearing their sweaty shitty dart shirts is how "real players" conduct themselves.

Already tonight the defence of this Cider Can shit has begun and how averages dont matter.....again another coincidence,