Friday, December 16, 2016

Was there really ever any doubt that this baldy telescope inspector would shit his load in the opening match of the World Championships ?
There are some people out there trying to maintain I should be ashamed of myself for getting inside of his head., one moderator on a forum even asked me  "Do you think it is a good thing that you will probably cost him the game?" as if I am fully responsible for his current appalling TV record.

Caven was always shit long before i mentioned it, in fact its the reason I mentioned the whole thing in the first place which he and his cunt of a wife got the hump over.

Here is a player who claims to be a "professional" and its quite clear I do get to him, so much so when I posted Wednesday evening on a forum my post on Cave-in got a reply from his wife within minutes.....yes minutes, and basically admitted they are reading and hanging on every word.
You would think 24 hours before the diabetic prick plays the most important game of his career he would have other things to be doing , like say, practising ?

Sure enough he shat himself on tv, so another tv comp gone, and believe that is now 21 or so competitions on the trot where he has failed to get to a third round, 8 first round defeats on the trot.

The sad part was I originally thought the prick was a decent lad, until his bitch wife and him started the insults first because the insecure prick took offence to the facts and stats i posted on a forum, then the mutants had the nerve to complain about me insulting them.
Did she apologize to those other people she abused and insulted on facebook and accused wrongly of being me ? of course not, another shower of cunts who love playing the victims.

I am sure that wife of his will be posting how her useless cunt of a husband won 10,000 quid as they love slinging out that line of how much he won, he better make the most out of that money...or what will be left after he pays off the debts, tax, sponsors as it will be his last 5 figure payout he ever gets unless he kills his wife for the insurance money, and he would probably shit himself doing that and fuck that up as well.
She did provide me with a good laugh with one of her comments on a forum when the dozy trollop wrote about her cyclops husband " he never gives up until that last dart is thrown."
Who is she trying to convince. ?

Next year will see even more cameras at the Players championships on the floor whichg should see the cunt bomb on the floor as much as he bombs on tv.

In other news see that yet again another error with the unicorn dartboards during a televised game.

You would think some cunt working with these would be checking the boards before they go up.

That said I will be honest and admit I did not notice it during the match.
some people with an obvious hatred for the PDC borne out of bitterness and jealousy said the game should have restarted, or scrapped etc.
A bit extreme considering no scores were incorrect and had no bearing on the legs played, and the people moaning the most making out like it was a major thing  only complained after it was pointed out to them, how come they never complained when it was happening...oh yeah, thats right, they could not tell either, but suddenly its now a huge issue and Unicorn are this and that., guess any excuse to have a moan about the PDC.
It is laziness on some cunts part, but the way some went on you would think  the PDc were murdering people.Then its ok to mock the PDC and its chairman, they can handle it, its not like the bdo where members of the board get upset and call around to your house threatening you.

The fuming by some  bdo fans and pPDC haters across social media and forums has been both hilarious and disturbing.
Maybe it was the fact that the first night with only 4 matches player,  provided as many 90 plus averages as the entire BDO Winmau Masters, tonight saw a ton plus average something the Masters never saw either.

Delighted to see that prick Gerwyn Price get bowled out of the worlds, just need a quick exit for a few more cunts like justin pipe and MVG and it will make it an even better comp.

Read an article in a weekly darts online magazine that contained a quote that showed how retarded some bdo fans are sums up their mentality.
The quote:

"Today, I don’t have heroes. I’ve moved onto a glowing respect and a liking for players that excite me by their attitude and the way they play. Brian ‘Doggy’ Dawson is where I’m at now."

This fucking moron is not only allowed drive, operate machinery and even vote, but is allowed breed.
Doggy fuckin Dawson ?? Seriously ???

In a warped way I am almost looking forward to the BDO January jobber Jamboree in January , coming so soon after the PDC real world championships -the one that has not just 90 plus averages, but ton plus averages, had 9 darters in the past, full capacity crowds, global media attention, superb prize money and of course household names and wait for it.....the best players in the World, how the shit BDO expect to follow this should be hilarious.
You cannot beat a spot of bdo live comedy and light relief as a comedown from the tension and high drama, and intensity of the PDC World championships, the Greatest Show on Earth.

Off now to checkout the 2017 bdo calendar, to see what new TV events they have lined up for the new year  as 2017 is the year where all those who returned to the bdo in their droves would be starting afresh, something about a new era,