Friday, November 4, 2016

Another award for the scumbag , draw rigging cheating sack of shit Des Selecta.
Seems the draw for the event in Turkey was rigged as in all four competitions not one single Turkish player drew another Turkish player,. the odds on that  over four draws with the number of entries was approximately one in 13 million I was told.

No doubt the draw was fixed so all the traveling frinds of the scummy selecta's all got a turkish jobber and increased their chances of further progress and of course those valuable "worth their weight in gold" Lakeshite ranking points.

Of course the scumbags , insecure as always try hoodwink people, with their bullshit on facebook so their cunt offspring, retarded friends and arse kissers can try deflect from the issue.
So when people started to question the draw, the usual horseshit is realeased by them, like this little nugget

Almost brings a tear to my eye, except it is all bullshit, everyone knows what the racist cunts think of the Turks, they must have forgotten they posted this 2 years ago

Other people then decide to question the scumbags on Facebook, and the BDO Disciplinary Officer starts on his power trip:

The retarded cunts think they can haul anyone in front of this comittee.
These scuts are beyond retarded.
Speaking of scuts, their own feral offspring  taking after the parents are no better, one of them, a while back was moaning about draws being fixed and claiming he complained to the WDF, wonder if he will complain about his cunt of a dad rigging draws.
Or how about Aaron Storr who I read is Bo Selectas bastard from a previous relationship, .he  seems like another delightful addition to society.

BDO Fanatics is filled with posts by the Selecta moaning about past rigged draws, and now they rigged a draw, the posts started again, except this time they are now being deleted.
Warty the prick was busy deleting everything before going into hiding yesterday.

I was unable to get a comment from

The comedy gift that just keeps on giving.
On the topic of comedy, I see there is still no sign nor mention of any television deal for the winmau Masters, thankfully.
Who wants to see a bunch of pub players trampling the piss soaked floorboard of Bob potters run down dump, chucking shit averages in front of a hall a quarter full.

Wonder if Winmau TV will stream it, I am sure there must be almost 100 people on this planet of over 7 billion who might tune in..

I read earlier this week the Sweaty Dutch postman has promised to do the full tour next year, of course heading into the time where Premier League selection is coming to the fore thats hardly no surprise, even that human gland of sweat, Fatpot Lewis, is mouthing off how he is gonna get serious, just in time for a glorified, non ranking exbo that dont matter a fuck, you think he would have given a fuck about things like the European Championships instead.

I cannot wait to be called in front of the Disciplinary Committee, wonder who will be designated to "give me a slap"