Friday, October 28, 2016

Well done you badly diabetic cunt, you did win something this week, and probably the only thing you are ever gonna win again.
Here is a prick who in the past had the 2 faced audacity to criticize players on the performances on tv a few years back....this choking bottling jobber cunt..

Then when his choking and abysmal performances were discussed on a darts forum he ended up boasting about his income and how he made roughly minimum wage over the last 2 decades, and even challenged me to a game of darts, as if beating me would somehow make his abysmal tv record simply vanish.
So not only was he a jobber, but a classless heap of shit., but the best part was I knew I got to him.
in the following weeks as he jobbed and jobbed I was quick enough to remind him, but the icing on the cake has been his performances in the last 8 days.

He has lost in the first round of a competition FIVE times in EIGHT DAYS
Its not like he is losing to MVG,, who he cannot win a single leg against, never mind a match, this is the list of jobbers he has lost to

Friday - Players championships #19 he lost first round to euro jobber Vincent Kamphuis
Saturday - Players championships #20  he lost first round  to Muffin man Steve Hine 6-1
Sunday - GSoD Qualifier - he lost first round to Steve Brown
Sunday - WSoD Qualifier - he lost first round to James richardson
Tonight - European championships - he lost first round to James Richardson again

This must be some sort of record to lose 5 times in the first round in 8 days.
Will have to check how many first round exists there has been in a row going back.
Another added bonus tonight was his cunt wife on twitter crying how her family was mocked, the fact her cyclops eyed jobbing shitbag of a husband was the one on forums trying to belittle me and my providing for my family, he has some nerve.

Speaking of his wife, who looks like an anorexic Donald Trump in a frock, she should be more concerned about the telescope inspector getting the better against players on the oche than worrying about me and whinging on twitter, but no surprise really as it proves how much I am in his head.
I know for a fact when he next takes to the oche he will be thinking of me, and he knows I know which makes it even better.
And the final bonus was the 7/5 price the bookies were giving out on James Richardson to win.
money for jam and made a tidy little profit.

A mention for Uncle Barry and his fucked up Grand Slam of Darts qualifying process.
How in the blue fuck can Stephen bunting who won a full players championship not qualify for the Grand Slam, yet Darren Webster who only reached the last 8 in a depleted field of players  earn a spot.
 How the fuck can that be right or fair, surely the idea of the Grand Slam is to have the best players there, like those who have won actual competitions, over shitbag dwarfs like Darren Webster who is like Jamie Cave-in with hair and an extra eye.
Of course the argument is Huybrechts had his chance in the qualifier and blew it, and whilst true surely the effort over the year should take priority over a lottery in a depleted field.

Dont worry folks, unlike every tv network on the planet, I have not forgot all about the bdo.
Master tickets are still on sale, seems they are selling a ticket roughly every 200 minutes.
The PDC sold out the 8,000 tickets to Rottedam in minutes, so it tells you how great the bdo sales are going.
But the best news is it seems the Masters is not going to be on telly.
I am sure the mushrooms who moan there is too much darts on telly will not only be delighted, they will not even buy a ticket, wait til channel 4 realize what utter spastics they are dealing with and they do what Dave TV did and distance themselves from the bdo.
Take a bdo popcorn teeth, you really are the ideal person for the job, I hope you really do stay on the board, you have done wonders so far,
lost the bbc contract, got warren brown involved, wasted a fortune, money that should have gone elsewhere, and provided comedy on a daily basis.