Friday, October 21, 2016

How long have the mushrooms being spouting the horseshit that the Winmau World masters is a proper major, the oldest comp, etc and other such bullshit ?
If this is true and they really believe this shit of a comp that is basically a watered down joke of a comp is as good as they claim, why is Sue the Gash and her retarded sidekicks not promoting its tickets on sale ?

So why are their fans not buying tickets ?
Is it because the bdo is full of pub players, euro wankers, old men ,and the ugliest women on the planet. Or is it the fact that people in the crowd are threatened, intimidated and harassed ?
They are selling less than one ticket every 3 hours on average, for something their own fans are claiming is an important major.

Yet the PDC premier league which mushroom despise out of sheet bitterness and jealousy  and are quick to point out is nothing more than a glorified exbo, which it is, can sell 8,000 tickets in minutes.

Popcorn teeth and the geriatrics don't seem too bothered though as they would basically have to kill people before anyone would think of replacing them on the board, so guess why should they care, they rather promote the scumbag Jacklins shit event in greasy Turkey.

Good to see Cave-in get another first round beating today, even though those who previously rushed to defend him on forums have deserted him.
Still I am sure the baldy diabetic moron could always challenge me to a game or darts or boast how he has made barely the average minimum wage in his "career" in darts.

Good to see that lazy postman Barney lose early today to Lewis, as I hope Barney loses his spot in the Players champs finals as like Lewis in the Euro events, the smug cunt thought he could skip the earlier events and simply turn up and make it..

The "global" wildcards for the World Series event were also announced today and 4 of the 8 were from the UK.

I would have liked to see a more "global" aspect to it, with guys like Corey Cadby, Graham Philby of South Africe, Ilagan from the Phillipines, or any of those Japanese lads.

I will give Uncle Barry credit in that all the 8 were at least young and good prospects, none of that over 50 travel club piss party shit you see in the bdo.
At the end of the day its a well paid exbo and non ranking so wildcards dont really matter.
Its when ranking events get wildcards like the CiderCan Masters then it makes a mockery of things and becomes all about favoritism.
Speaking of which, the Cidercan Masters still has 2 spots left open, the most recent winner of a wildcard was Bottler O Shea, who got it reason other than being in the clique, and I will be shocked if the final 2 wildcards are not  given to Gary Jobson and "Darly Finton the Dazzlur" under the "loyalty" ruling.

Also read this week how q-school s a rip off according to some blinkered and bitter fans.
The chance to join the PDC and win just one match in every comp sees you in profit for the year is seemingly a disgrace.

Odd how they dont complain about the cost to travel to Romania, Luxembourg, Belgium, Turkey etc in the BDO and for what ?

5 bdo ranking points, 3 raffle tickets, and a set of brass darts(flights not included).
There has been bdo comps abroad where players had to reach the semi final to hope to break even.
I even remember once reading how deta hedman in the munters has to win a comp in order not to lose money on the weekend, so imagine how much the other ugly cunts were out , with their 10 pound for a last 8 or whatever pittance it was.

But no, the PDC with multiple comps with 6 figure first prizes, comps on all year round are the cunts seemingly.

The CiderCan masters is a "bdo major", despite it not being British which the B stands for in bdo.
First prize in this joke of a comp is 5k...and that is euros.
The lowest comp in the PDC the floor champs pays out 10k in sterling, and people moan the PDC are ripping players off.
As if Barry Hearn is going around the clubs and halls kidnapping people at gunpoint and press ganging them into the PDC.

The players, like the fans, want to be part of the PDC, God bless those lads who show ambition, desire and hunger to give it a go.

And then there is the hypocrisy, the bdo players like Warty and the bdo fans who slate the PDC and want no PDC players in the bdo., while then crying and moaning that there is not enough bdo scum in the Grand Slam, yep, these begging cunts who come cap in hand and contribute nothing in terms of quality, let alone finance to the eunning of the event want more bdo scum in the event.

how is that for hypocrisy.