Friday, October 14, 2016

Adrian Lewis was too busy too play the PDC Euro tour with its ranking points this weekend, much like almost all the other Euro tour weekends, he would rather horse pints and regale pissheads on a boat sailing out of a shithole in the northeast of England on its way to a land full of joyless inferiority complex cunts.
Wade is just as bad, but at least he had the sense to make sure he had qualified for the European championships first before taking part in this joke of an exbo.
The likes of Fatpot, missing these events due to a combination of laziness, and utter stupidity in keeping that spastic Deller as his manager shows what he thinks of serious competition, when playing on a boat is more important to him than winning actual TV tournaments - the Deller effect.

The PDC got it right in the way he has missed out, only fair as the likes of Fatpot, Gando, Taylor, and to a lesser extent Wade and Headshaker have treated the euro comps like shit, and basically stuck up 2 fingers to the german fans who buy tickets.
They buy tickets to see matches like Lewis -v- Gando, Taylor-v- Barney and instead get Pieman versus Terry Jenkins, and a battle of the West scumbag brothers.
Players in the PDC have been fined for missing events in the past- rightly or wrongly, so how come Lewis and Wade can skip these and play on some ship ?

Wonder will Lewis who has a history of moaning about creaky floorboards, draughts and other nonsense will moan about a rocking oche.
I hope he suffers an early loss in the Worlds as well.

A mention also for David Ballantine, another retarded useless cunt in the BDO, who this week came out and apologized for awarding  Hewson 5 golden bdo ranking points (worth their weight in gold) for some mickey mouse baltic competition, stating they should have been awarded to Daniel Larsson, ........until he realized they did not make a mistake afterall and retracted the apology, these people are utterly clueless, the BDO fans as usual tried to play it down while the normal people laughed yet again at their ineptness.

On the subject of the bdo/wdf side of the divide, the entry forms for the romanian open were posted on line again which led to people making up fictitious names and address for "entrants", which then led to an EDO official wishing cancer on those people, which makes him as bad as those scut cunts the Jacklins who revel in that behavior. In his defense, his partner was the target of racism, but wishing cancer on people is hardly the type of reply needed, and shows he is just as bad as those he was having a pop at.

And if that was not bad enough the BDO are still continuing to sell dart shirts that have broken copyright infringement laws, which is a criminal offence, and anyone that points this out to them is met with a flurry of abuse on facebook.
The same BDO that threatened a forum with a solicitor over my images on a forum that had a BDO logo on them, then that level of hypocrisy is nothing new to them, while they profit of illegal means.
The BDO fans have done their best to try deflect from it as usual, only a matter of time before some mentally deficient cunt tries to blame the PDC for it.

Also this week I read reports that the PDC Premier League night in rotterdam sold all its 8000 tickets in 8 minutes, which led to bitter mushroom bdo cunts trying to come up with excuse, my favorite excuse was "touts bought them all".
Which only solidifies the point that the demand for these is huge...why else would touts buy them ?
How dare the PDC sell their tickets to strangers and the public, what bastards they must be.

Meanwhile in the land that time forgot, the Winmau Masters tickets went on sale, yes, the second biggest "major" in the BDO, and they have sold.....drumroll......42 tickets in 3 days.
No  its not a typo, 42 tickets in 3 days.
And to think the BDO mushroom supporters call themselves "real fans" when they wont even attend their own events.
God only knows if this shit is even being televised, I hope its not as that would surely please their fans who moan there is too much darts on TV.

Remember to be a "real fan" you must not attend events,you must despise darts on tv as there is too much, live in the past, and if you do ever part with your dole, you must spend it on shit like raffle tickets, and illegally copyrighted shirt being sold under the counter to avoid prosecution.
You must complain about PDC players taking part in BDO events, while be a fucking hypocrite and demand the PDC have more BDO players in the PDC Grand slam of Darts.