Friday, October 7, 2016

Another week where this poisonous little cunt shows his bitterness and self interests yet again.
He posted on a facebook group :

This is a guy who claims to love the BDO, which of course is a blatant lie, if he truly loved the BDO he would want the best players in the BDO regardless of where they play or where ever they did play in the past., instead he has only his own interests at heart.
A genetic mutant throwback who should be on his puny knees thanking the PDC , were there no split he would never have been anywhere.He longs for the same old boys clubs and travel club pissheads getting together for a piss up every year under the false banner of a "world pro"
And we all know if Uncle Barry lost his fucking mind and offered him a Grand Slam spot the prick would take  the PDC coin, just like that other cancer ridden cunt Adams......and before any liberal do-gooder faux grief loving cunt who thinks Adams is now exempt from criticism think again, as having that dreaded disease does not mean he is any less of a cunt, he was a cunt before he got it.

So who are these 100% bdo players ?
22 of the bdo top 25 seeds for Bob Potters January Jobber Jamboree at the Palace of Piss have played in some sort of PDC or PDC affiliated comp.
Even the cunts like Fordham, Hankey, Wallace and Walton have tried the PDC...and failed.
so again who are these 100% bdo players.
They could hold their meetings in a phone box.

A mention for Fatpot Adrian Lewis, who was again a disgrace in his battering by the hypoglycemic postman Barney.
His blank stupid expressions as he looked to that asshole Keith Deller in the audience was sickening.
He needs a good hammering in the Worlds as well, might be the kick in the fat hole he needs.

BDO #1 Glen Durrant traveled to Ireland to watch the Grand Prix but as his "special bus" approached Dublin he saw a sign that said "Harbour ahead" , he promptly shit his pants and turned around and went home.

A mention for Cheato van de Pas, who got caught this week cheating, bad form, he did apologize, possibly cos he only got caught, as did Phil Taylor when he did similar,
Ryan Searle never apologized, then thats to be expected in the BDO.

Wayne Mardle is a cunt, his predictions were the worst I ever heard.
Not only did his pick of Wade, Taylor, and others in the early rounds go out, he even claimed bunting would beat Huybrechts as kimmy throws his darts too hard.
Kimmy destroyed fat bunting3-0 in sets, who now is out of the top 16.