Friday, September 30, 2016

What a poisonous cunt with an over inflated sense of his own importance Warty, the President of Lilliput is.
In a week where it was officially announced that the bearded prick Martin Adams got cancer, and no not in the zodiac raffle, but that dreaded disease, Warty deleted a thread on BDO fanatics that wished the man best wishes.

All darting politics aside, forum and facegroup vendettas aside also  I personally wish the man a speedy recovery and disgusted that Warty would delete a thread where people would wish him the best, especially on a group that is suppose to be for bdo fans by bdo fans.

Warty is total cunt who should be on his knees thanking the game of darts and its fans, including the PDC, cos were it not for the split that prick would never ever have qualified for any thing major in darts.
A hate filled short arsed mentally and physically stunted idiot.

Cannot be long now til that other scumbag pile of human feces Des Jacklin spouts his shit, remember this is a guy who has history of vile comments towards cancer sufferers, like when he told Tommy Thompson of the EDO that he hoped his cancer treatment did not work. ...classy.

In other news seems Phil Taylors wife wants half of his "fortune".
Money grabbing cow.
What sort of woman stands by their husband who not only cheated, but sexually assaulted 2 women, that says more about the type of woman she is, why in the blue fuck should she get half of his money anyway ? Its not like she is some super model well used to living in mansions, driving lamborghinis etc
Its not like she is currently raising their kids, or looking after them, I believe the state does most of that, and she was not content with 800k.
Why did she not leave when Taylor was shagging that female trainer he had ?
Maybe she was waiting for the fortune to increase so she could claim more.

Also on the subject of Taylor , he pulled out of the players championships this weekend in Dublin, despite being in Dublin  and is now well outside the top 64 for the Players championships Finals, granted there are 2 more comps to go, and hope his arrogance where he thinks he can simply turn up and win comes back and bites him.

I will give Taylor some credit though for his magnificent performances in the Champions League of Darts, seeing him destroy MVG twice in 2 days was a joy.
The bewildered expressions on the dutch hunchbacks rubber looking downy face were a joy to witness.

Barney at least did enter today, for all the good that did him as he lost first round, and now lies in 65th place for the 64 man field. Another player with a lazy attitude who I hope fails to make it to the PC Finals.

But the King of Laziness, Fatpot Lewis really has become a joke, a third straight first round defeat, this time to Dirk the Divingboard who made a splash today.
Guess getting motivated while in Dublin cannot complete with the glamour of a 30 year old ferry sailing out of Hull or whatever godforsaken shithole it is in the northeast of England and the chance to impress pissheads on their way to the red light districts of  Tulip country.

Also a mention for the comment made by MVG last weekend in the Champions League of Darts.
The BBC did a piece on the Beau Greaves the female kid who is making a name for herself, they showed her playing MVG in some sort of exbo, in which MVG said about the girls performance " Jamie Cave-in did not put up this much" or words to that effect.
What a kick in the gonads that was for the telescope inspector, and am still giggling at that.

Another great comment was the one Taylor made about Judas Mike Gregory , and had the added bonus of upsetting countless mushrooms who were already seething because the PDC were on BBC, but Taylor winning too was a further kick in the balls, the Gregory comment was the icing on the cake which led to meltdowns a plenty.

And now we are on to the Grand Prix, one of my favorite tournaments of the year, which will lead to more bitter mushrooms complaining there is too much darts on tv, they only play on toyboards, the prizemoney is too much and killing the game, Uncle Barry is a cunt and all the other nonsense spouted by the deformities that support that shit known as the BDO.