Friday, September 23, 2016

Another award for these failed medical experiments from that shitstain that is Lincolnshire.
This week saw these inbred mutant cunt trying to flog some vile looking darts shirts with the help of Popcorn Teeth's dysfunctional organisation.
If it was not bad enough the shirts looked like something even homeless refugees would  not wear in a blackout, let alone daylight, there used copyrighted images in them.
They have an image of Brad Pitt in armor on the shirt, and how exactly that has anything to do with the scumbag jacklins is beyond me or darts for that matter, but when asked on facebook if he had copyright to produce the shirts Des Jacklin deleted any negative or intelligent question as if that somehow negates the reality he broke the law.
He went as far to suggest that one person who asked a question had a man city avatar on his facebook account so therefore he could use the image.
How fucking thick is this family of cunts?

what amazes me even more is the BDO who are aiding him in selling these shirts is the same BDO that threatened a forum with a solicitor cos they were upset at my pics mocking the BDO with a BDO logo on them, despite the fact I was not selling them.
Now here is the BDO blatantly supporting the selling of copyright material themselves.

I know that Warner Bros, who own the copyright image for "troy" have been contacted by some members on the darts forums, what will scumbag Jacklins do, give the Warner Bros. legal team a slap, after all this seems to be the BDO mentality on how to sort everything out.
The Warner Bros. legal team would be no match for the hugely successful and influential world wide Jacklin Corporation. 

Meanwhile is some godforsaken shithole somewhere in the land of dykes, tulips and hash the WDF Europe Cup is taking place.
The mighty England team are getting their arse handed to them.
Scott Mitchell who managed to get to Windmill country in under 2 hours got handed down a lesson in darts by some cunt from Malta...yes Malta that hotbed of International darts.
Melted Plastic Bag Face Glen Durrant  had not long parked his "special bus" up before he got beaten by a simple Irish mick in the last 128.
And Jamie Hughes, the guy that makes Dave Chisnall seem like a nuclear physicist  got battered by the Scottish munchkin Warty, who himself got hammered next round to Luxembourg superstar and world famous player Steven Miles who is living the dream.

An abomination of a competition full of Euro jobbers, over rated English old men, Welsh retards, and neanderthal Scots. I am only waiting on some prick to claim "strength in depth".

The stream for the Glen Durrant game had 175 views, the so called BDO audience of "quarter of a million who watch on illegal streams"  were nowhere to be seen, maybe they were all signing on and the view count will go through the roof later tonight as they sit down with their cans of dutch gold and rolly tobacco while their staff like dogs usually kept on a rope licks the shit of their trainers.

Also a mention for the following morons

Chris Mason, who said Richie Burnett, Mark Webster or Gerwyn Price should be in the champions League Darts, just cos the event is held in Wales.
The 2017 UEFA Champions League Football final is being held in Wales, he probably thinks Wrexham should get a bye to the final too.
He will probably now get upset and threaten to sort me out, its the BDO mentality.

Adrian Lewis for his appalling attitude and performances.
When the rest of the PDC elite are playing in the European championships for a TV title, and of course good money, Fatpot will be entertaining pissheads on a P&O ferry for pittance.
Well done Keith Deller on helping a natural talent with 2 World titles turn into an exbo slut.You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. 

Speed jobber Vincent Van der Voort, and total lack of Speed Jobber Justin Pipe who lost their place in the PDC Grand Prix.
Whats makes it even better is besides the fact they wont be missed by me, is MVG will miss his best friend so hopefully it makes it a harder week for the mongloid looking hunchback.

And of course a mention for all the bitter, jealous and unhappy mushrooms out there who are seething over this weekends PDC Darts on the BBC.
The fuming and anger has been a joy to see, lets hope we see lots of great games, ton plus averages and maybe even a nine darter, that will cause them to go into further meltdown.