Friday, September 16, 2016

Another week where the write up is done by a member of The Darts Forum

This weeks KoTW goes to the sorry sack of Dutch shit knows as Raymond van Barneveld.

At the time of writing, he is through to the Last 32 but hopefully he will lose on Saturday. Failing that, early doors on Sunday.

But why, I hear you ask? What has the Dutch adulterer done this week to warrant the famous Knob Of the Week accolade?

The answer: he has done nothing. Quite literally, nothing. Nine months of utterly fuck all.

Before last night, Barney had only entered one third of the available floor/Euro ranking events open to him. Nine out of twenty-seven.

By means of some comparison:

MvG = 19/27
Anderson = 14/27
Taylor = 12/27

Yes, Anderson and Taylor have hardly been prolific but the difference being they have managed to qualify for all the TV ranking events being held this year whilst managing their schedule.

Meanwhile, outside of the World Series event Barney has been sat on his arse in Holland (or his grief-pad in the Canary Islands), sulking. The middle of September comes around and he suddenly realises that he is in danger of failing to qualify for TWO television events, So he decides to enter five floor ranking events in one week. Breathtaking arrogance to think he can waltz in at the last minute and get into both events, no doubt one of his sponsors have got the hump and told him to do something about it.

Hopefully he will crash and burn: he failed to qualify for ET10 last night and he is currently in ET9, where with any luck he will lose in one of the early rounds.

A quick mention for the BDO this week who put all the Lakeshite tickets on sale last weekend. The event that "sells out within days" still has hundreds and hundreds of tickets still available, including plenty of availability for the Final. Another darting myth we can all put to bed about the popularity of the tournament, which will have the same prize fund in 2017 as in 2016, meaning the Ally Pally winner will get £11k more than every single man and woman playing in Lakeshite put together....

**Update  by JC**

Next week marks the 4th year full year of Knob of the week awards.
Ironically the first ever Knob of the Week 4 years ago on September 2012 was Barney, the hypoglycemic , sweaty , headshaking  ex postman.