Friday, September 9, 2016

This weeks award goes to  popcorn teeth Sue the Gash thing.
Here is someone who sits on a board that wants to bring in a discplinary board to the BDO, which i think is a good idea seeing as the BDO board, rank and file are full of scumbag cunts.

Of course mushrooms are crying about how much it would cost, but suspect it will cost less than what Warren Brown caught them for, and the board could at least make money back in fines as there is no shortage of scum ready and able to show their lack of breeding and class on multiple social media platforms.
Its the choice of scumbag cunt who they want on the panel that beggars belief, the misfortunate cunt that has to share a bed with that thing Bo Selecta.

Here is a guy who previously back in November 2014 in a county match between his county Lincolnshire and Lancashire told EDO Chairman Tommy Thompson he hoped his cancer treatment did not work., threatened other people present and along with player andy Heaton acted like total arseholes.
Des Jacklin even had the audacity to say at the match up before he acted like scum himself.
despite the antics and somewhat underhanded tactics from someone who can only be described as the most RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL M.C. Lincolnshire has ever come across, but quality will always prevail !!!!.
Staggering hypocrisy and double standards, and this is the person supposedly being picked to handle discipline issues in the BDO.
Wonder if old yellow teeth will be fined seeing as that withered up old cunt has no problem going on forums and abusing people, or maybe her cuckolded cunt of a husband who travels around to peoples homes and places of work threatening people and their families , and using bdo players subs to cover his expenses ?

I am sure if any PDC players from the challenge tour who is doing well in the BDO system  even makes the slightest comment it will be pounced upon, as I expect it will be another case of who says what rather that treat everyone the same.
The thought of the biggest culprits, which are the board, hiring a degenerate scumbag to oversee discipline is what makes the BDO the gift that keeps on giving.

Wonder if Melted Plastic Bag Face and bdo #1 will still act the prick on social media. or will all those who threaten people will be overlooked cos it will depend on who they threaten and abuse ?

In other news, the England classic is on this weekend, and they struggled to get 32 things that refer to themselves as women in to the draw.
Of course there will be no shortage of partners, lesbian lovers and gimpy sexually frustrated mushrooms who will tell us how munters darts is important.

Seen some reports on county still exists, some would have you believe it is still important, there were legs of darts that were over 50 darts, one leg in a match saw a munter start with a 180, and she had 70 darts...yes Seventy darts in the leg and STILL LOST THE LEG, and this is county standard., countless averages of around 30 for 3 darts
And to think some people think this shit should be televised or on a stream.

Seems Dean Reynolds, the PDC Challenge tour player hit a 9 darter in the England classic tonight, on an "official board", yes the same boards mushrooms say is harder to get one on...go figure, wonder what excuse the mushrooms will come up with when its known a PDC player can hit them on any board.
I am sure Warty Mouthgomery will find some way eventually or some rule to try have him disqualified from Lakeshite.

Maybe Warty will be the next to get the hump and threaten to call to my house, in which case I better lower the door bell in case he cannot reach.

A special mention for that cunt and snide little goblin faced bastard and trouble making prick Kim Huybrechts for his choking in the final of the Euro event last Sunday, was a joy to witness and glad to see Mensur get the win and his first PDC title....although I should not have been able to see it, since he was supposedly "invisible" and part of the "90%" of players who never get shown on tv or a stream., according to a crippled child stalking cunt in Northern Ireland whose timing for such a retarded article could never have been any worse. (see last weeks Knob of the Week award)