Friday, September 2, 2016

This weeks award goes to Alex Moss the owner of an online darts magazine.
While I have no doubt the lad means well and has a love of darts his selection of so called "journalists" for his online publication is a fucking joke.

His previous guy Sean McCormick was one of the worst I ever read and thought it would be impossible to ever out do, but fairplay to them, they managed to find even worse out there.
Seems the clownshoe has left and got employed by some real newspaper, the old saying of "paying peanuts , you get monkeys" springs to mind.
He probably got a job with some Yorkshire rag who love ranting on about county darts, Yorkshire grit and Brian Doggy Dawson , the epitome of backwards cunts in a northern shithole with mutant locals.

The next "journalist" was a rodent from Rochdale with a Napoleon complex and a complete hatred and agenda against the PDC, ever since he was thrown out of a PDC event, so much so he once tried to use digital calipers to claim the PDC only had higher averages because a PDC board had trebles 1 millimeter bigger, except when the BDO players play on the same boards they do not play any better, look at the abysmal record of BDO jobbers in the Grand Slam of Darts in recent years.
Amazingly the digital calipers were put back in storage when the new BDO board with a bullseye you can see from outer space arrived on the scene, which by no coincidence saw Bull finishing at Lakeshite since reach at all time high..
A retard that criticizes PDC fans who pay for tickets and attend events and says they are not real fans, but the BDO scum who won't support their own comps are "real fans". ...go work that one out.

Next up for a go at this "journalist" jaunt is a crippled cunt from Northern Ireland with a penchant for stalking peoples kids on facebook, another PDC hater who once declared he was  "a darts statistician", thats right, copying pasting the work of others and stuff he found on wikipedia  on to a forum made him a darting statistician in his mind that is as under devoped as his frail body.
A guy who complained non stop about the PDC World championship having too big a field, moaned if the averages were low as an indicator of the PDC then being poor, but when the averages were higher it was suddenly because of the "toyboards"
The latest complaint is another variation of "the PDC only care about the top 8 players".
This weeks article was a whining piece about those lower ranked players not getting on TV.

If players are not getting on TV with all the competitions on TV at the moment, maybe its because those players are simply not good enough.
With 72 players in the world championships, qualifiers for the Grand Slam, The UK Open etc how exactly is it the fault of the PDC if certain players are not good enough to get through.

In defense of Alex , his magazine is trying to provoke debate, and that is understandable with so many blogs, websites and other sites out there kissing the ass of the PDC , read by wannabe markers.
Both the PDC and BDO need criticizing when they fuck things, yes, the PDC do fuck up some things, as in the selection criteria for the Grand Slam, but the BDO fuck up everything, and Alex hiring people with an agenda and well known for their hypocrisy and double standards to write so called independent pieces is never going to work.

The articles are getting so ridiculous, I am waiting on the next issue which will probably have a "Life after Darts" write up with Tony Eccles.
An Ouija Board corner section where some clairvoyant relates messages from Hell on how Fatz has settled in, who Lorna Croft is fucking, and how Phil Nixon thinks Hell is a nicer place to live than Durham.
I would like to read an article on how Gary Jobson who makes less per year in darts than someone on the dole makes, can afford to do the travel club .

The faster Alex gets some guy impartial guys without an agenda to write pieces for his publication the better for him. The bitterness and jealousy from the so called reporters will only end up hurting his magazine.
I know some people will moan about me having an agenda, and its true, I dont hide it, I will slate the BDO and PDC and whoever I think deserves it and dont give a flying fuck what anyone thinks, hence why my readership and views is still constantly growing.