Friday, August 26, 2016

Seems like every week some low life scumbag cunt on social media pops up to give his opinion on me which invariably constitutes some variation of the usual "give him a slap" nonsense, and this week is no different.

Yes, this council house inbred low IQ  mentality that seems so prevalent when you do not like something. you read on a website.
I have been accused of threatening people, yet not once have I ever issued a threat to anyone on here or on any forum, and the only time any violence was ever mentioned is when I say what I would do in self defense if I was confronted by scum, but enough of the truth as we all know that will not suit the agenda of the scum, and of course the irony of all this is, the people who claim to be upset by these imaginary threats of violence I supposedly post, respond by ....wait for it...issuing threats of violence.This is the level of ignorance I have to deal with.
Then as said earlier seemingly  " A slap" solves everything, you do not like the parking ticket you got ? Slap the warden, Police stop you for speeding ? slap them too. Did your boss get cranky with you ? Slap him, Its the answer to everything if you go by the rationale of the mutants that infest darts.

Of course this mindset is hardly new, being going on almost 4 years since Knob of the Week started, and will continue no doubt as this site continues, which may I add has been getting massive views recently so thanks to all the scum who told everybody not to read this site, you just made all those who previously may not have known about this site even more popular.

I was told I only do what I do for a reaction....wonder if it is working?

 This weeks Knob of the Week goes to the Middlesboro Mutant, Melted Plastic Bag Face himself Glen Durrant. As the BDO #1 and possibly the most prominent of the scum on social media advocating violence and encouraging others, you would think he would have some sort of class to keep his deformed mouth shut. It does not take a genius to work out as #1 of the BDO you have more responsibility upon yourself and even though he obviously lacks good breeding and class, he could at least try pretend he has it, the way he goes on you think I was the guy who ripped him off for ten grand. To be fair I dont think Durrant is the worst of them, but he is certainly among the most stupid of them. Then the BDO board are hardly gonna complain when they are complete scum themselves.

Seems old Bells Palsy face wants to go begging at the Grand Slam this year to recuperate some money , and I think any BDO refugee who comes cap in hand for the PDC coin should be subject to the same rules governing the PDC players on social media guidelines.
Uncle Barry should be disassociating his PDC from scum like this , afterall the PDC do not owe them a living.
Could you imagine if the PDC #1 ranked player took to social media and forums abusing people,egging on people to commit acts of violence I am sure the same offended scum and bdo affiliated filth would be quick to jump all over it, but somehow have no issue when BDO players and fans do it.
Amazingly not a single member of the PDC board has ever threatened to come to my home either, just the BDO board members only.
The PDC Chairman never chased me on forums name calling either unlike the BDO Chairperson.
Anyone sensing a pattern here ?
Wonder how long before some more retarded cunts decide I should get a slap for this, cos we all know giving me a slap will change the truth and facts.