Friday, August 19, 2016

Chris Mason the latest inductee to the " I will call to your house" brigade.
Seeming this spastic now wants to meet me and posted on facebook
give me that pricks address of that bullshit darts forum, Im down your way next month gonna see if hes such a big man in person.
He was on the youtube channel recently on tungsten Tales in a running vest telling Paul Star how he wants to get fit, he must be getting into shape to knock me out...not sure what upset him, but the guy is not the sharpest tool in the box...although he is a tool.

Here is an ex con, mouthing off on social media with veiled threats. Why  ? who knows, who cares.
Can see it now some scumbag mentally retarded ex con who after issuing threats about calling to my house actually calls, what does think will happen ?
Here is a guy that was in court for harassing his ex wife, and had 3 previous convictions for assault,and one for benefit fraud,  as well as a prison sentence when he and 2 of his brave buddies armed with a hammer beat up one person in their own home.

If he is stupid enough to make the mistake and call on me I assure you he will regret it, he will find out the hard way.

Wouldn't it be awful if ITV were to find out the scumbag cunt they employed was up to his old tricks again, I am sure ITV will love the publicity of their employee acting the cunt and issuing threats.
Be a shame if someone informed them, not me though of course as I am not a rat.

One guy today told me he suffers from a history of mental illness which might account for his post, which I think is just a load of shit to try deflect from the fact he is obviously a cunt who thinks he can threaten people and try intimidate people for whatever reason got into his head.

Then people like that must have a lot of enemies, I mean it would not be my fault if some other people found him before he got around to finding me, not that I would ever advocate violence of course. It is just that people like him probably has enemies everywhere.
I always distance myself from such things.
I am sure finding him in Cork would not be a hard thing for some people if they were that way inclined...I of course would have nothing to do with things like that.