Friday, August 12, 2016

As seen many times when the BDO fuck up the responsibility of said blame lies with the head of that organisation so only fair that Barry Hearn takes the rap when the PDC fuck up.
Whilst a huge fan of Uncle Barry , and he does far more good for the game that anyone in the history of darts has he has to bite the bullet on the disastrous clusterfuck this next Grand slam of Darts looks set to be.
For those not aware, the qualifying criteria for entry to the event is basically all the winners of Major PDC event and runners up, which on paper seems a great idea, however this issue becomes a joke when guys like the hypoglycemic headshaking postman Barney has a place in the grand slam by virtue of being arunner up in the PDC World Cup team for Holland.
Bear in mind he was only in that team in the first place cos the baldy prick and  one of the main cunts in the PDC clique Michael van Gerwen dictated who he would and would not play with.
Klaasen who had earned the right to play in the Dutch team was forced out as MVG did not want to play with him, seems MVG dont like people who are sexual predators, and hence why he refuses to this day to shake hands with Klaasen, which to be fair is understandable if he was not such a fucking fat 2 faced hypocrite as he slobbers all over Taylor who has done far worse.
MVG should have stepped out of the Dutch team not Klaasen

If Barneys inclusion is not bad enough the PDC announced that EIGHT places are up for grabs in a PDC qualifier.
To understand the complete retardedness of this you have to look at who could miss out because of this ridiculous decision.
Already this year James Wade who actual won a Euro event in a full field faces the possibility of not qualifying for the Grand Slam.
Other actual PDC competition winners like Stephen Bunting, Benito van de Pas, Gerwyn Price, Josh Payne and even Ian White  could all miss out, Players that not only won competitions in a FULL field now face missing the Grand Slam in preference for 8 donkey cunts who not only will be playing in a depleted field since those already qualified have no need to enter the qualifier, but wont even have to win the comp in the depleted field but merely get a runners up spot or even a semi or last eight place.

How in the blue fuck can having 8 jobber pricks getting to the last 8 of a depleted field be of more benefit to the Grand Slam of Darts than actually taking competition winners like Wade, Bunting etc who have actually won competitions and did so in a full field.
Ian White and I am no fan of his, has won 3 PDC Floor championships surely that alone should put him well ahead of some cunt getting to a last 8.
And we all know when that qualifier comes, the usual floor donkeys like Jamie Cave-in, Darren the midget Webster, Pieman and a slew of other cunts who shit themselves when they see a TV camera will come through this qualifier.

The PDC want this Grand Slam to be a Major, then get the best players and the most deserving players in it for fucks sake especially this year as it is going to be a ranked event, which is insane when a lot of the top 32 are not gonna be in it due to a dubious selection process.
Even the BDO have a more reasonable selection process this year amazingly.
Speaking of which, does Scott Mitchell know that Wolverhampton is more than a 2 hours drive from Bournemouth, as well all know his feelings on this.

Also this week it has been announced that Channel 4 and BT Sports will share coverage of Bob Potters annual January Jobber Jamboree.
I suspect the BDO mushroom fans who for years spouted viewing figures as some sort of validation for BDO made up excellence will no doubt claim viewing figures are no longer important.
The same mushroom cunts who slated the PDC and Sky for the advert breaks in games and how the BDO would never do such things, well guess what ?, this next Lakeshite every game and session will be subject to advert breaks, not just the ones on BT, although do not hold your breath on hearing the mushrooms find fault with this.

In an odd move tonight I am gonna give a little praise to the same guy I have just awarded Knob of the Week too, as Uncle Barry, the man the bdo cunts love to hate, mostly out of bitterness and envy is doing something Olly Croft refused to do, and that is give those begging players in the BDO a payday.
Uncle Barry could have adopted the Croft attitude of saying "we don't owe the players a living" but instead has offered people like that cunt Martin Adams the chance to make more money than they make in any BDO comp outside of Lakeshite.
Yes that same Adams who swore he would never take the PDC coin, and wanted nothing to do with anything Barry Hearn was involved in, nice to see this side of Spineless Adams again, reminds me of the time he also showed his true colors when he stabbed Olly Croft in the back for his job, the man he claimed was his friend, and then did worse at the job than Croft did.
Maybe he needs the money, maybe his wife who left him is putting the squeeze on him as lawyers dont come cheap, and you have to be careful who you trust in the BDO, do not want them taking lump sums of you like say ten grand and then going into hiding.