Friday, August 5, 2016

This weeks award goes to the Telescope inspector, the proud owner of the abysmal record of losing 18 legs on the trot to MVG.
The one eyed Darren Webster got so offended he took to a darts forum to challenge me to a game of darts as if him beating me in a game would somehow negate the fact that he is a baldy choking cunt.
I am shit at darts, but reckon if there was a game between us and there was a TV camera, chances are he would lose that too.

Not content with showing himself up he decided to keep digging, next came his "I got more money than you" claim, where he boasts of earning half a million, which if we base on a decade of playing darts, minus sponsors share, hotels, food, drink, and polish for his shiny head, he is roughly making 500 quid a week,  Rupert Murdoch must be shitting himself.
I went to work this morning and earned a full days pay, Caven today entered 2 comps and earned a grand total of Zero...thats right nothing, fuckall, zilch,
He failed to qualify for 2 euro tours.
He lost to household names and superstars of the game in Scott Dale and Andy Boulton.
He also cried on the forum that because of people like me he does not post, insecure prick thinks forums should only be there to tell them how great they are, and the mods on that forum already do that, they nearly wet themselves at the thought of the cyclops fuckers posting on the forum, shame I drove him away with things like the truth.

Also a mention for Steve West, that choking sack of shit with as much class as a manchester united snow shovel, and a trophy cabinet as bare as Karen Carpenters dinner plate.
He chokes on stage and instead of questioning his own talent or lack of, his bottle, which he clearly has none, he decides to blame the fans....yeah Steve, its all their fault.
Wonder how many Germans were in Barnsley today as you choked against Ronnie Baxter ?

Seen a lovely discussion today from BDO fanatics posted on here
The usual cunts like Bo Selecta's scumbag cunt of a husband giving it the big man routine, and their little bastard offspring also acting the hardman, a kid so skinny he has to run around in the shower to get wet, and the army would not take him cos the boots would cut the balls of him., so he joins the guy that has the misfortune of sleeping with his mother in abusing and insulting a clubfooted down syndrome from Birmingham or anyone who dares criticize the BDO.

One particular sponge for bullshit on there called Adam McQueen made a comment aimed a guy who actually attends BDO events, he wrote

I don't even no the troll but I'd love to punch him in the face.....
I bet your sat behind the computer everyone night bored of masturbating and thinking oh who can I possibly abuse next

When others replied  that he was issuing threats behind his computer the thick prick claimed he was not, cos he was on the phone....go work that one out.
He quickly tried to reverse and claimed he was not making threats but saying he would "like to do it" but would not.
Shame no one said they would like to rape his sister and murder her or something awful and evil  and if he complained tell him its not a threat just that you only think it and you would not do it, what odds he would get the hump.
Another member called Mike Dickson posted a comment I totally agreed with, he wrote

Fuck of Selecta you scumbag prick
Just to point out , contrary what was said on forums I am not Mike Dickson, and as bad as some of my spelling is, both deliberate and accidental I know the off in fuck off has 2 f's.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of uneducated council house bdo scum who think threatening to slap someone will sort everything out. All acting like martial artists and streetfighters, never once thinking they could threaten the wrong person and get their skull caved in.

And lastly, this weekend sees the AGM in the BDO.
The Winmau Masters still has no venue, Popcorn teeth Sue the Gash Williams and others have implied its gonna be on TV, which is bullshit of course as no tv company would commit to anything without knowing the venue.
Another ploy to fool people , especially the counties this weekend, as that's only as far as they are looking, and we all know damn well the counties will lap this shit up as usual.
Should make for an interesting upcoming week.