Friday, July 29, 2016

A deserving winner for his mental breakdown on stage against MVG in the World Matchplay final.
Even his speech afterwards reminded me of the time Barney ended his career as a top player with his speech in Las Vegas.
 His on stage antics did however have me laughing and enjoyed him mocking Michael van Chemo's  celebrations, but the hunchbacked dutch prick was just doing his own thing and pressing on for the win.
Was good to see the prostitute visiting , lard arsed, thalidomide armed cretin eventually learning to keep his fat lipped mouth closed lately, and stop catching flies for a change.

Also this week a mention for that useless dutch cunt Christian Kist, another in a long line of useless ex lakeshite donkeys. This goldfish mouth, hobbling useless sack of shit was abysmal yet again today.
When the telescope inspector is beating you convincingly in front of a camera you realize just how shit he is.
Another week and another calamity on the other side of the divide.
Some BDO fans are now complaining over the Winmau Masters not having a venue or date sorted, but as that poisonous little cunt Warty keeps telling them "December is a long way off"

In the end it will not matter as those moaning won't do shit about it, and the BDO board will continue to treat them like shit, and part of me thinks they deserve it for taking it year in year out and buying the bullshit constantly.
The BDO should also be sorting out their entries for the Grand Slam of Darts soon.
Wonder if spineless Adams will again sell out his principles this year to come begging for the PDC coin.
Personally I hope the PDC do a U turn and tell the BDO scum to Fuck Off, afterall they don't owe the  BDO players a living
On the subject of scum, I do hope the Turkish Open being run by Bo Selecta and that unfortunate bastard that has to share a bed with her,  get a huge crowd in Turkey and attract all the attention they can, and then its streamed, it might make for good viewing for other reasons.

Today I read on a darts forum that some online Darts magazine  had an article suggesting MVG is the best player to ever pick up a dart...if of course you "put titles aside".
How in the blue fuck you can consider someone the best ever without factoring in the titles won is beyond me, then this on line magazine is another in a long line of  magazines and websites who are run by kiss arse morons who never question anything done by the PDC or BDO, its total middle of the road bullshit where every spotty little prick writing such sycophant articles all consider themselves journalists, where 99% of everything they know on darts is acquired on google, and then they wonder why hardly anybody reads their shit.

And lastly, a mention for Fatpot Adrian Lewis, who now true either laziness, bad management or both is now unable to qualify for the European championships as he is not entered in the following 2 euro tour events.
Still I am sure he will be quite content playing an exbo with some other cunt who lacks ambition or motivation in some shithole in the north of England under the expert management of that useless cunt Deller.
Sad to see a player with such natural ability waste it like he does.
Headshaker Barney is another cretin who through mental illness and laziness might also miss the European Championship, then that hypoglycemic sweaty bastard could miss every event and would still get a spot in the PDC Premier League as he is part of their little clique.

By the time the World champs is over so many of the "clique players" like Taylor, Barney and Fatpot will be outside the automatic 4 places that almost all the wildcards will be wasted on them.

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